AMOTEKUN: Those Who Are Afraid Are Criminals – Odumakin

Soonest Nathaniel  
Updated January 22, 2020


The spokesperson of the Afenifere Renewal Group, Yinka Odumakin, says those who are afraid of Operation Amotekun are criminals.

The social commentator while featuring as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily said the initiative is for the protection of the ordinary people within the Southwest.

“Those who are afraid are criminals troubling the Southwest,” Odumakin stated.

As far as Mr. Odunmakin is concerned, those who are not criminals should not be troubled by the establishment of Amotekun.

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Odumakin argued that security is not on the Executive List as some have said, stressing that what concerns the Executive is defense.

He said security is the responsibility of every Nigerian citizen.

According to Mr. Odumakin, there is no hidden agenda for setting up Amotekun.

The Afenifere spokesman said Operation Amotekun is to “secure lives and property, to aid the police where the police have failed, to fill in the gap”.

Since its launch earlier in January, the Western Nigeria Security Network code-named Operation Amotekun has continued to generate controversy in various quarters.

Though some are of the opinion that the initiative is a welcomed one which shows that the yearnings of Nigerians have prevailed, there are others who are afraid that if allowed to operate, Amotekun could turn out to be a disaster for the country.

The Federal Government declared ‘Operation Amotekun’ an illegal outfit, further stirring debates, with Southern and Middle Belt Leaders condemning the decision of the Federal Government to declare Operation Amotekun illegal.

There are fears that Operation Amotekun might turn out to become a means by which the Nigerian Police Force is decentralised, but governors of the Southwest have assured that the initiative seeks solely to show zero tolerance to crime, complement the police and other paramilitary organizations in their fight against criminals and to erase all blackspots within the Southwest.