The Security Problems We Have Are Not Peculiar To Nigeria – Bode Olugbore

Channels Television  
Updated January 10, 2021


Despite the myriad of security problems bedeviling the country, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Political Matters, Bode Olugbore, has maintained that the Federal Government is doing its best and the country is better off under the current administration.

Olugbore said this during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, noting that the “security problems we have are not peculiar to Nigeria”.
“Other nations face similar problems,” he said, adding “we are not where we are meant to be but it can be better”.

President Muhammadu Buhari had sought election in 2015 based on the promise to eradicate poverty, insecurity and tackle corruption.

Despite efforts by his administration, many believe insecurity, among other menaces, is still on the rise and that Nigeria is a failed state.

When asked about his opinion on that, the SSA said “Nigeria is working. Which country is not struggling? No nation in the world is smiling now”.

He also noted that Nigerians leave the task of governance solely to the President, a situation which he believes is not ideal for good governance.

“We leave the running of our nation too much to the leadership and it should not be like that”.

“Most of the nation’s that have security going well for them, it is the people and the leaders working together to ensure that the nation is safe. It is not the way we think about in Nigeria,” Olugbore said.