Chibok Abduction: BBOG Marks 2,000 Days, Demands Release Of Remaining Girls


Members of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group are marking 2,000 days since the abduction of over 200 girls by the Boko Haram terrorist group in the Chibok community, Borno State.

The group is demanding the release of the remaining girls still held in the captivity of the terrorist group and also asking the Federal Government to make schools in the northeast safe.

In a statement, the group questioned the Federal Government’s efforts in the fight against Boko Haram and the increased rate of Kidnappings in the country.

It urged President Muhammadu Buhari and the Federal Government to live up to their responsibility in the protection of the lives and properties of its citizens.

Read Full Statement Below:

Today, Saturday, October 5th 2019 marks 2,000 days since 276 schoolgirls were abducted from Government Girls’ Secondary School Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria by terrorists on the night of April 14, 2014. 57 girls escaped within days of the abduction while 219 remained in captivity.

Five years on, an additional 107 girls have returned: 4 of them as a result of Nigerian military interventions, 21 released in October 2016 after negotiations with their captors and a further 82 set free by the terrorist group in May 2017. 2,000 days later, 112 of the #ChibokGirls abducted during an evil attack on humanity are yet to return.

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Over the past 2,000 days, our #ChibokGirls have been denied their fundamental rights to freedom, for simply seeking an education on the path of growth and fulfillment they have been forced to suffer unimaginable horrors by enemies of humanity.

Their families and communities have also borne severe hardships within a war that continues to destroy lives and impede human progress. This nightmare continues to be the shame of a Nation and an open sore of the world that threatens to become ingrained within the darkest parts of our collective history.

Amidst these tragic circumstances, the reality is one in which the #ChibokGirls are supposedly represented by a government that repeatedly fails in its primary responsibility of the protection of lives.

Disturbingly, the government appears to be at ease amidst the troubles of the land, only concerned about protecting a fake-reputation that offers its citizens no value. To highlight this, we note with heartbreaking dismay, the incapacity, apathy and failed leadership displayed by the President and the Federal Government in the wake of the abduction of 6 students and 2 staff members of Engravers College in Kaduna on the 3rd of October 2019. This continues a distressing pattern of a failure to secure, preserve and dignify the lives of citizens.

To this end, the students and staff of Engravers College join a number of citizens who remain missing – including Leah Sharibu, Alice Ngaddah, Grace Taku and her colleagues as well as many others. How can we have continued this way?

Through this all, we stand, keep the faith and hold out the light for our #ChibokGirls and all others in captivity. Today and until they return, we demand #BringBackOurGirls

PHOTOS: BBOG Marks 2,000 Days Of Chibok Abduction

A photo combination of shoes bearing the names of abducted girls displayed in Abuja to mark the 2,000 days of the Chibok abduction in Borno State on October 5, 2019. Photos – Channels TV/ Sodiq Adelakun.



It is 2,000 days already since 276 schoolgirls were abducted from their hostel at the Government Girls’ Secondary School Chibok, Borno State.

Fifty-seven girls, however, escaped within days of the abduction which took place on April 14, 2014, while 219 remained in captivity.

Five years later, an additional 107 girls returned – four of them as a result of Nigerian Military interventions, 21 released in October 2016 after negotiations with their captors, and a further 82 set free by the terrorist group in May 2017.

But 112 of the schoolgirls have yet to return.

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To mark the day, members of the Bring Back Our Girls Group (BBOG) held another sit out in Abuja, demanding the intervention of the Federal Government for the girls’ release.

Shoes bearing names of the abducted girls were used to draw the attention of the government and the international community to the plight of the girls, as well as all other abducted persons, including Leah Sharibu who was abducted in February 2018 in Yobe State.

See photos below:


Shoes bearing the names of abducted girls displayed in Abuja to mark the 2,000 days of the Chibok abduction in Borno State on October 5, 2019. Photos – Channels TV/ Sodiq Adelakun.


Why Twitter Temporarily Restricted Activist, Aisha Yesufu

Micro-blogging site, Twitter, ‘temporarily restricted’ the account of activist Aisha Yesufu for a couple of hours on Thursday.

Yesufu is a co-founder of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaign.

The account was restored after several Nigerians with large following on Twitter reacted to the development, urging Twitter to restore Yesufu’s account.

A former minister of education and also BBOG co-founder, Oby Ezekwesili, tweeted in support of Yesufu.

“She does not deserve to be shut down,” Ezekwesili said.


  See more tweets with reactions to the restrictions below…


Twitter, however, in a mail sent to Yesufu explained that it restricted the account after its automated systems flagged a series of tweets from Yesufu’s account as spam.

“We apologise for the mixup, and hope to see back on Twitter,” the social media giant wrote to Yesufu.

Yesufu, a vocal critic of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, had been posting a series of tweets criticising the government.

“That I voted for the President in 2015 is not a reason I should not criticise the President,” she wrote. “It shouldn’t not be about personal inclination! It’s about justice!”

A photograph of Arabic scripts was attached to each of the tweets.

“I will continue to be a voice,” Yesufu tweeted after her account was unlocked. “My voice is not for myself alone but for so many others who unfortunately did not get that education that so many of us take for granted to have a voice,” she tweeted.

See Aisha’s tweet announcing that Twitter have removed the restriction…


BBOG Marks 5th Anniversary Of Chibok Abduction, Demands Release Of Remaining Girls

Sambisa Clearance: BBOG Demands Chibok Girls' Whereabouts


Members of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group are marking the 5th anniversary of the abduction of over 100 girls by the Boko Haram terrorist group in the Chibok community, Borno State.

The group is demanding the release of the remaining girls still held in the captivity of the terrorist group and also asking the Federal Government to make schools in the northeast safe.

In a sit-out in Lagos to honour the Chibok schoolgirls, the faces and names have been posted at the Falomo roundabout in the Ikoyi area of the state as well as other parts of Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari in a statement on Saturday renewed his vow to ensure the release of the remaining Chibok girls and  Leah Sharibu in Boko Haram’s enclave.

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He disclosed this in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the abduction of the Chibok girls.

He said he is aware that the promise to rescue the girls is the main reason the people of Chibok voted overwhelmingly for him in the February election.

The President had promised the parents of the kidnapped girls when he met them at the beginning of his first term as President, that he would ensure their daughters returned home.

He said his government had so far succeeded in securing the release of 107 of the girls, he will not rest until the remaining girls are reunited with their families.

However, 112 girls are still in captivity.

On April 14, 2014, over 200 students were abducted from the Government Girls Secondary School.

The abduction of the schoolgirls triggered global condemnation including former President of the United State, Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle.


PHOTOS: Parents, Activists Mark Five Years Of Chibok Girls’ Abduction

Parents, Activists Mark Five Years Of Chibok Girls' Abduction
A combination of photos taken on April 14, 2019, in Abuja during the commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Chibok abduction. Channels TV/ Sodiq Adelakun.


April 14, 2019, marks the fifth year since Boko Haram terrorists invaded a secondary school in Chibok community in Borno State and abducted more than 200 girls.

Although 107 of the abducted schoolgirls have returned home, 112 girls and Leah Sharibu have yet to regain their freedom.

Leah is the schoolgirl abducted by the insurgents along with over 100 others in Dapchi, Yobe State in February 2018.

BBOG Marks 5th Anniversary Of Chibok Abduction, Demands Release Of Remaining Girls
Chibok: We Will Never Give Up On Our Missing Daughters – Buhari

The terrorists had returned the other Dapchi girls but left Leah behind for refusing to renounce Christianity.

In commemoration of five years in Boko Haram captivity of the Chibok girls, members of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group set up chairs with the names of the remaining 112 girls and Leah as they hold their third annual lecture in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

The chairs symbolise that the girls were kidnapped while in school and till this day, their chairs in school are empty.

Meanwhile, the parents of the Chibok girls held another commemoration event at the Government Secondary School, Chibok where their children were abducted in 2014.

Representatives of the community alleged that they were facing “genocide type elimination” by Boko Haram insurgents.

The President of Kibaku Area Development Association, Dauda Illiah, called for the Federal Government’s assistance in this regard and sought relief materials for victims of attacks.

He also urged the government to build a rehabilitation centre for parents and victims of kidnappings in Chibok.

He asked the government to complete the 40km Chibok-Damboa Road which said has not been completed for 40 years and has become a den of kidnappers.

See the photos of the event in Abuja below:

Killing Of Aid Worker: BBOG Protests In Abuja, Demands Release Of Others In Captivity


The Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaign group is currently protesting in Abuja following the killing of another aid worker, Hauwa Liman, by Boko Haram insurgents on Monday.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Nifemi Onifade, issued on Monday, the group said it was deeply saddened by the news of her death, despite several appeals to the government to take action to secure the release of all those in captivity.

The statement read, “It is with deep sadness that we receive the regrettable news of Hauwa Liman, today on the 15th of October, 2018. Hauwa was a humanitarian aid worker, working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) at the time of her abduction with her colleagues, Saifura Ahmed and Alice Ngadahh – whom we now collectively refer to as the #RannWomen.

“The news we have received suggests that she was killed in a similar manner as Saifura was, about a month ago, following a threat by the terrorists to do so.

“We had been monitoring the situation since their abduction 228 days ago. We have since made numerous demands to the government, asking for actions that will ensure their safe return during a number of marches and as contained in our letter to the President earlier today”.



The group, therefore, said it is embarking on the protest to make more demands to the Federal Government to ensure that the remaining captives including Leah Sharibu, (the only one out of the 110 girls abducted at the Government Girls’ Science and Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State), are released safely.

“For Alice Ngaddah, Leah Sharibu, our 112 #ChibokGirls and others in captivity, it is not too late.

“We will go ahead with a planned protest to the Presidency tomorrow to carry our increased demand to the Federal Government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

“We ask that members of the public join us (tomorrow October 16) as we set off from the Unity Fountain at 9:00 am.

“We also ask for prayers for Hauwa’s family, her colleagues and others in captivity,” the statement read.

BBOG Marches To Villa, Demands Release Of Leah Sharibu, Others


Members of the Bring Back Our Girls group on Wednesday marched to the Presidential Villa in Abuja to demand the release of the remaining Dapchi school girl, Leah Sharibu, who was abducted by Boko Haram terrorists over 200 days ago.


They also demanded the release of others who are in the custody of the terrorists including two of three aid workers who were abducted by the terrorists in March.

Their march comes days after one of the three aid workers was said to have been killed by the terrorists.

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The group convened at the Unity Fountain where they began the march.

Members were, however, denied access into the villa by a team of anti-riot police officers.

Undeterred, they decided to hold the press conference on the road, where they demanded the release of those in captivity.

Killings: Ezekwesili Marches To Presidential Villa In Solo Protest


Former Minister of Education and Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, Mrs Obiageli Ezekwesili, on Tuesday embarked on a solo protest to the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

Ezekwesili who was seen carrying a banner with the inscription, ‘End The Bloodshed’ was protesting against the incessant killings across the country with the most recent being that of Jos, the Plateau State capital.

She was, however, stopped by security personnel attached to the first screening point on the three arms zone, leading to the Villa.

Also, her banner was seized, and cameramen were chased away by armed police officers.

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BBOG Group Calls For Sack Of IGP

BBOG Group Calls For Sack Of IGP
Dr Oby Ezekwesili addresses members of the BBOG group at the Unity Fountain in Abuja on April 24, 2018.


The members of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) campaign have called for the removal of the Inspector General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris.

A co-convener of BBOG, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, made the demand on behalf of the group on Tuesday during a protest in Abuja.

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She accused the police authorities of deploying armed police personnel in the area to disperse citizens who were calling for democratic accountability.

“Why is the Nigeria Police stationed at the Unity Fountain against the Bring Back Our Girls movement? We want answers, the IG of police must be sacked for this,” Ezekwesili said.

According to her, the police officials came with canisters of tear gas and other materials that can be harmful to the human body.

The BBOG co-convener alleged that police used the materials to disperse members of the group whom she insisted were carrying out their constitutional responsibility.

She noted the latest attack in Benue State where 11 worshippers and two priests were killed by suspected armed herdsmen in Gwer East Local Government Area of the state.

Ezekwesili decried that instead of the police to focus more on how to tackle the matter and other burning issues in the country, they were dispersing peaceful protesters.

The BBOG had claimed that its members were attacked by the police on Monday while holding a sit-out at the Unity Fountain in the nation’s capital.

The area was barricaded with tape on Tuesday, as the police surrounded the area to ensure the barricade was not broken.

In a show of defiance, members of the group, however, continued their sit-out outside the barricade.

Four Years Later: BBOG Demands Protection Of Girl-Child Education

Chairperson of BBOG, Mrs Naja’atu Mohammed


The Bring Back Our Girls group on Saturday called on the Federal Government to see to the protection of the rights of the girl-child.

Chairperson of Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) Lecture, Mrs Naja’atu Mohammed, said the girl-child education is a right for every female child in view of the threat they are being confronted with.

“This has promoted the preservation and mental illiteracy on the girl-child. This insecurity tends to preserve and sustain the tradition of transgender abject poverty and hopelessness from mother to children,” she said while regretting the insecurity threat to the education of female children.

The BBOG annual lecture is organised yearly to remember the over 200 female children of Government Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State abducted by Boko Haram in April 2014 while writing their Senior School Certificate Examination.

Following the reported kidnap of the school children in the troubled North Eastern state, many prominent global figures condemned the action, especially former United States First Lady, Mrs Michelle Obama.

Mohammed also condemned a situation whereby some female children were forced into early marriages rather than be encouraged to embraced education.

She added, “The condemnation of early marriage, premature motherhood, lamentable condition further complicated by their health challenges in terms of rapid breeding of VVF, infections, maternal mortality coupled with abject poverty and illiteracy lead to catastrophe to their lives.”

The obviously angry Mohammed also accused the governments at all level for failing Nigerians in its statutory responsibility of protecting Nigerians.

She is of the opinion that the insecurity led to the death of some promising pupils in the restive northern state, bloodbath in some other parts of the country.

The speaker further called on all Nigerians to be proactive in ensuring that their immediate environments were properly secured.

“The primary responsibility of every government is to secure the territorial integrity of that nation and to provide security for lives and properties and to give us an enabling environment to live without fear of being kidnapped or killed.”

Rescue Of Dapchi Girls Is Govt’s Responsibility Not A Privilege – BBOG


Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls Group, Aisha Yesufu, says the rescue of the abducted Dapchi schoolgirls and every other abductee, is a responsibility of the government as contained in the Nigerian Constitution, rather than a privilege.

Yesufu made this known on Thursday, while addressing the circumstances surrounding the release of the girls, on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

Her comments come few hours after the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), have traded blames over ‘who did what’ in respect to the abduction and subsequent release of the Dapchi girls as well as the Chibok girls of 2014.

While she described the initial abduction as shocking and news of the death of five of the girls as heartbreaking, she said the incident should never have occurred in the first instance.

According to her, although news of their release was liberating, it was clear that the Government had failed to learn from the lessons of the 2014 abduction of the Chibok girls even as they are still seen doing a “comparison of politics”.

“It came to us as a shock, when we heard that the Dapchi girls had been abducted and almost in the same manner as the Chibok girls were taken away and we just couldn’t deal with the pain, having stayed almost four years coming our every day to make demands for the Chibok girls and other abductees.

“The tragedy of Chibok was supposed to be a lesson that we should have learnt from and said never again should such a thing happen and of course again it did happen.

“When we heard about the rescue, definitely we were happy, it was quite heartwarming that children would be reunited with their parents and of course the sadness that five had lost their lives – there are five parents who are grieving right now, who are pained that the daughters they sent to school were taken away from them and here we are, hearing again that a girl was left behind because of her faith and it is so disheartening.

“In 23 days, it will be four years that 112 Chibok girls have spent in captivity.

“What is their crime, is it because they are Nigerians, is it because they are poor, or because they dared to be educated? All of us went to school so if it was a crime to be educated then all of us should be locked up… then we come back and we see this comparison of politics, how can we compare when it comes to tragedy, however, how does it help the five girls that have been lost now, that who did what better, is that what we should be doing?

“There should never have been abducted in the first place, the primary responsibility of government is the protection of lives and property and the rescue of Chibok girls, Dapchi girls, UNIMAID lecturers and every other abductee that is out there, is not a privilege, It is their right as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” Yesufu said.

Ezekwesili Defends ‘Red Card’ Movement, Says Era Of Two-Party System Is Over

Oby Ezekwesili


Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, has said that the era in which Nigerians are forced to choose a lesser of two evils, in the political space is now over.

She made this position known during an interview with Channels Television’s Hard Copy, while explaining the aims and objectives of her latest movement, Red Card.

According to her, what the movement hopes to achieve is to break the hold of the two dominant parties and “get citizens to take their rightful place in our democracy”.

She said: “We want to have a quality political system that bubbles up the best to our political platforms but what we do by raising the Red Card to the two political parties is to send a strong signal”.

When asked if she was optimistic that Nigerians would buy into the idea, having being disappointed several times in the past, Ezekwesili said it had become obvious that the two dominant parties are incapable to taking Nigeria to its ‘promise land’ and that Nigerians stood a better chance by casting its net outside the two parties.

“A no-action situation is worse than taking an action that has a probability of succeeding. So for example, to simply say that it is our lot, we are stuck with APC and PDP, that is not our lot.

“The era where citizens are marginal to the political process, the era where people legitimize the worst of two choices, on the ticket of the two dominant parties, that era is over,” she stressed.

Making reference to the massacre of residents in Benue state during the New Year, and the ‘lackadaisical’ attitude of the Federal Government, Ezekwesili explained that she had lost faith in the government.

According to her, the same situation that played out during the attack on Chibok in 2014 in which the then government seemed to be more interested in campaigning for its re-election than in the incident, appeared to be replaying itself.

“Nobody was paying attention, more or less. Everything was about winning the election in 2015, so here we are in 2018, 2019 is election year – the same pattern is repeated. So I simply said I’ve had enough of this”.

She stressed that it was high time Nigerians went beyond merely wishing for good governance.

Speaking further, Ezekwesili who described herself as an “impatient optimist” while the government, on the contrary, accused her of being confrontational, stated that the government had “looked for her trouble” with such comments.

She defended the cause for which her movement, the BBOG was fighting, saying that the present government, even prior to its coming into power, had promised to rescue the girls, only to come into power and become ‘relaxed’ about it.

She noted that even if the government had been making efforts, its manner of approach, especially towards the parents of the missing girls, was “appalling”.

“Going Adversarial on us was not welcome at all,” she stressed.

“It is time for us to have better governance in the society. It is time to stop failing.

“Nigeria needs to claim the 21st century and for us to do that, the quality of our leadership would matter.

“I haven’t been excited at the fact that we keep losing opportunities that we have, to catch up with the rest of our contemporaries in the world as a nation.

“APC and PDP are the dominant players in our political space. We don’t have a political party crisis, we have a political class crisis and so I said as a citizen I’m putting out my red card and when I put it out, other citizens said they had red cards to put out too”.