Military Has No Right To Declare IPOB Illegal Organisation – Lawyer

Lawyer, Clement Nwankwo.

A lawyer and political analyst Clement Nwankwo, has said there is no legal basis for the declaration of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as an illegal organisation.

Speaking on Channels Television Programme, Sunday Politics, Nwankwo said the decisions of the military in a democratic government is guided by the rule of law, the constitution, and other processes, before a group can be described illegal or a terrorist group.

“There is no legal basis for the declaration of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as an illegal organisation, it is not in the position of the military to make those declarations.

“I think certainly, the military hierarchy needs to understand that this is a democracy, they are guided by the rule of law, there is a constitution and there are laws and processes for declaring an organisation an illegal. If you look at the terrorism act of 2011, the procedure for declaring an organization a terrorist organization is outlined there.

“So, I think the military needs to go back and read the law and understand that they are an institution that is subject to the laws of this country. They have no right to declare an organization to be illegal.”

Among other demands, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are demanding for Biafra country and the breakaway of the South-East region from Nigeria. The political analyst said this demand by IPOB is illegal and IPOB has no right to speak for the people of South-East region, adding that IPOB members are aggrieved at the government because of what they described as marginalization.

“The whole idea or the whole notion that the South-East was once a Biafran country is totally wrong, I have not seen too many people from the South-East region of the country who really want a Biafran country.

“What you see are people who are very aggrieved about what is described as ‘marginalization’, about the inequity and inequality that this particular administration has perpetrated. I think that people are angry that this government is very insensitive to the need to balance and be equitable in the allocation of resources.”

Nwankwo said the military should focus energy on issues arising from external rather than generating internal war by killing innocent civilians.

“We are very disappointed that rather than face these issues (arising from external aggression), the army is instead generating internal wars in the country, fighting and abusing the rights of citizens.

“Let me be expressly clear though, the IPOB organization has no right to speak for the people of the South-East to demand a biafran country. A majority of the people in the South-East do not want a Biafran country, they want equity.

“There are several millions of people from the South-East who do not believe in (the ideologies of IPOB) but when you go in and attack, and abuse people who are doing their businesses, you kill people, then you create sympathies and that is dangerous for this country and the army needs to put a stop to what it is doing, it is not in the interest of Nigeria’s democracy.

Fight For Biafra Is Not Sincere – Orji Kalu

Fight For Biafra Is Not Sincere – Orji Kalu

Former governor of Abia State, Mr Orji Kalu, says the agitation by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is not sincere.

Mr Kalu’s comments come as more reactions continued to trail the declaration of IPOB as a terror group by the Nigerian Military.

The former governor, who addressed reporters in Abia State, condemned the activities of the group who he said were only being used by politicians for political reasons.

‘These boys (IPOB supporters) are not capable of holding anybody to ransom because they are not sincere; fight for Biafra is not a sincere fight, it is an instruction,” he said.

“Let me be honest with you, some politicians were playing politics with it, they are taking these boys to help them to win the election. It’s impossible, it’s not our law, it’s not our way; election must be democratically done.”

Kalu also backed the deployment of soldiers to the region, saying the group’s activities were challenging Nigeria’s sovereignty.

He said he had visited some parts of the state to see things for himself, noting that the situation cannot be handled by the police alone.

“I don’t know why people are shouting all over. I’m in Abia, I have seen mostly all the security chiefs. I’ve gone round Aba, I’ve gone round to see things by myself.

“When you go to a place somebody sews army uniform, somebody says he ha a Biafran intelligence agency, somebody tells you he has Biafran army, do you need to bring police? You don’t need to bring police for God’s sakes; you need to roll out the Army because he has challenged the sovereignty of our nation and that is what it is,” the former governor said.

He, however, urged the Federal Government to consider the report of the 2014 Confab, to help douse the gale of agitations across the land.

Kalu proposed that the only way by which government can address the agitations for secession was to restructure Nigeria, adding that one more state should be created in the South-East region.

He said, “We must come back to see how Igbos, everywhere we are, must get equity; restructure is the only way that we can go. The country must restructure, restructuring does not mean divide the country; restructuring means put things in order.”

“We should go back to the conference resolutions, let’s start with that because that was constituted fairly. I’m pleading with the Federal Government and everybody to back with the 2014 Confab report.

“Let us implement it and they should know that the South-East should have one more state to be able to balance,” said the former governor.

Hoisting Biafra Flag Is An Affront To Nigeria’s Sovereignty, Lawyer

Lawyer, Onyebuchi Ememanka

A Legal practitioner, Onyebuchi Ememanka has condemned the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) members for hoisting Biafra flag in the South-East region of Nigeria, saying it is an affront to the sovereignty and unity of Nigeria as a nation.

Speaking as a guest on Channels Television programme, State of the Nation, Ememanka said the best approach should have been dialogue, instead of hoisting the flag of a planned country inside a sovereign nation, Nigeria.

“From a strict legal perspective, that is unacceptable, to fly the flag of a planned country inside a sovereign nation. It is an affront to the sovereignty of the country.

“The approach would have been to find out the underlining factors that have brought us to where we are and possible engagement in dialogue instead of an outright military action.”

He said although mobilizing military personnel to the troubled region will accelerate peace, the soldiers are gradually leaving the streets of Aba and Umuahia just like the Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu has said.

“The militarisation of our region is going to accelerate the peace process and we are happy that the soldiers are beginning to withdraw from the streets.

“Governor Okezie Ikpeazu did say that there was going to be a gradual withdrawal of troops from the streets of Aba and Umuahia to allow tension to come down. I am happy to inform you that, that is happening.

“The Inspector General of Police (on Friday) approved the deployment of 500 anti-riot policemen, who will take over manning the streets from the soldiers.

“We believe that this will accelerate the peace process. Our people are peaceful people and tension is coming down and life is returning to normal.”

Civil War Veterans Endorse Obiano For 2nd Term

The civil war veterans in Anambra State have endorsed Governor Willie Obiano for a second term in office for what they describe as his all-encompassing leadership qualities.

The decision was reached at a round table discussion between the Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, and the Biafra war veterans at the governor’s lodge, Amawbia.

Also among the issues discussed was the killing of some members of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) during a protest in Nkpor in 2016.

General achuzie declared that the governor did not order the shooting of the defenseless agitators protesting on the platform of IPOB as the police and the Army were not in a position to take direct orders from the governor.

He spoke extensively on the build up to the protest which he said he was privy to as the patron of the IPOB and recalled how he spoke with the then Commissioner Of Police to request that they allowed the agitators to stage a peaceful protest but noted that on that fateful day after the protesters were attacked, a false report was forwarded to the governor.

He insisted that the governor had shown genuine commitment to the people’s history and struggle by undertaking the burial of all that died during the civil war in a state burial tagged “Ozoemena” meaning never again. General Achuzie, therefore, urged people not to be misled by the malicious insinuation that the governor had a hand in the shooting.

“Since then, not now, I have been saying it that no report came to me of the participation of the governor or governor giving that instruction and we are also aware that the governor cannot give instruction to Commissioner Of Police. Commissioner of Police takes orders from the Inspector General of Police while the Army officer takes permission from the GOC at 82 division.”

Speaking on the matter, the governor expressed appreciation to the association for their support and solidarity especially for making clarifications on the IPOB issues.

He, therefore, assured the people that he was committed to promoting peace and stability in the state adding that nothing would come between him and the social contract he had with the people of Anambra State to ensure a meaningful life for all in the state.

Furthermore, he reiterated his innocence in the IPOB saga saying: “I never at any point in time ordered anyone to be shot anywhere.”

Britain Has Nothing To Do With Agitations For Secession – High Commissioner

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright on the agitation for the state of Biafra.

The British envoy in very clear terms dissociated the British authorities from any form of agitation saying that Britain is in support of the unity of Nigeria and also supports the Nigerian government.

Mr Arkwright was speaking in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Friday when he visited the speaker of the state house of assembly.

He said Nigeria is important to Britain and that his country strongly believes in one Nigeria.

“We have nothing to do with any agitation aimed at the break-up of Nigeria. We strongly support the unity of Nigeria. We strongly support the Federal Government and that is the position the British government has held consistently,” he said.

“So, we have absolutely no interest in stirring up any agitation and anybody who claims that the British government is involved in any way in any of that is completely wrong.”

Biafra Agitators Demand Equity, Call For Referendum

Self-acclaimed Biafra agitators on Wednesday called for a referendum as they gathered at the Afara Road in Umuahia, the Abia State capital.

The group, made up of mostly young people, demanded a date when every electorate in Nigeria would have the opportunity to make a clear decision of where they want to belong.

Reacting to the demonstration, the State Commissioner of Police, Adeleye Oyebade described their action as unlawful.

He warned that the police are monitoring the activities of the group, stating that no person or group must allow whatever interest they are clamouring for to infringe on other people’s rights.

PHOTOS: MASSOB, IPOB’s Sit-At-Home Order Disrupt Activities In South East

The sit-at-home order by the Indigenous People of Biafra and MASSOB to mark Biafra Day, on Tuesday disrupted activities in the South East with markets and businesses shut in major cities as residents stayed at home.

While activities and movement were noticed in some of the states, it was not business as usual.

Here is a look at what parts of Imo, Abia, and Enugu states look like as a result of the order.



































MASSOB’s Directive Violates Fundamental Rights – Police

policeThe police in Abia State say they are taking steps to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order following the stay-at-home order by MASSOB.

The command has given the assurance that it has put in place aerial and land surveillance and is ready to clamp down on any person, groups or individuals intending to compel the residents to stay at home.

The Commissioner of Police, Adeleye Oyebade, told journalists in Umuahia, the state capital, that the directive by MASSOB is an infringement on the fundamental rights of the citizenry and would not be tolerated.

PHOTOS: Nnamdi Kanu Finally Released On Bail

The self-styled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, has been released from the custody of the Kuje Prison, 18 months after he was arrested.

Kanu was released on Friday evening after meeting the conditions of the bail he was granted by Justice Binta Nyako on Tuesday.

See photos below:




Nnamdi Kanu Meets Bail Conditions, Leaves Kuje Prison

File photo of Nnamdi Kanu in court

It’s sweet freedom for the self-acclaimed leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, as he leaves Kuje Prison today, after meeting his bail conditions.

He is reported to have met his bail conditions, with Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe standing as surety.

As at 6:30pm, he was sighted at the Federal High Court Abuja, with his sureties, perfecting the bail.

On Tuesday, Justice Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court, Abuja, granted Kanu bail on three conditions, one of which was that he must present three sureties, one of whom must be a serving Senator, a Jewish high priest, and a highly respected Nigerian.

As he leaves the court today, he is not expected to be in any gathering of more than 10 people. He is also not expected to grant press of any kind.

Others who stood as surety with Kanu, include; Immanuu El-shalom, an Igbo Jewish leader, and Tochukwu Uchendu, a businessman.

Kanu is facing charges of treasonable felony brought against him, by the Federal Government. He has been in detention since late 2015.

Nnamdi Kanu Granted Bail

Court Refuses Nnamdi Kalu Bail A Federal High Court in Abuja has granted the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, bail on health grounds.

Justice Binta Nyako granted the IPOB leader bail on conditions including that he presents three sureties, one of whom must be a serving senator, a Jewish religious leader and a highly respected person who must own a landed property in the Federal Capital Territory.

The bail sum is N100m per surety.

Justice Nyako warned Kanu against granting press interviews, holding rallies or being in a gathering of more than 10 persons while on bail.

She warned him that the bail would be revoked if he flouts any of the conditions.

The justice, however, denied bail to other persons arraigned with Kanu, stressing that the treason charges against them is a serious offence.

She also refused to vary her ruling on protection of witnesses because witnesses are security operatives.

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Drama As Police Charge Arrested Pro-Biafra Agitators

massobThe uproar generated by the recent rally by acclaimed members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State is yet to settle.

Thirty-seven of the arrested persons were on Monday arraigned before the Magistrate Court amid tight security.

Lined up for procession into the court, they continued to chant Biafra slogans, as security operatives tried to control the situation.

There was tension, as the accused persons arrived at the premises of the Rivers State High Court complex in Port Harcourt.

Lawyer to the group, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, engaged a security officer in an argument over an issue relating to the way and manner his clients were being handled.

While the argument was on, the IPOB members were led in a single file into the Magistrate Court room.

The prosecutor is pushing charges of treason and conspiracy to overthrow the Nigerian state in a matter between the accused and the Commissioner of Police.

When the case was called, the suspects pleaded not guilty.

The magistrate then remanded them in prison and adjourned the matter to the January 30 for cross-examination.

Outside the courtroom, lawyer to the accused expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling of the court.

“As at the last count, we have over 20 of them that have been killed and over 200 arrested.

“We are in court today to seek their release. In a smart move, the police have brought charges that I can describe as frivolous against them, to cover what they have done.

“We have, however, argued on the merit and demerit of the charge because in the first place, the charge filed in this court is baseless and unfounded. There is no material or fact in this charge.

“And the law is very clear, when there is a charge of capital offence with serious punishment brought before a court without jurisdiction, the court is to first of all inquire on the matter of jurisdiction before remanding the accused in prison,” Mr Ejiofor told reporters.

One of the prosecutors said he was not willing to join words with the lawyer to the accused.

While the IPOB members made their way into a waiting van, they continued to sing solidarity songs, showing no signs of slowing down.

Hundreds of acclaimed members of the IPOB from the South-south and south-east zones had gathered on Friday in Port Harcourt in support of the US President, Donald Trump.

The IPOB members, who said they were on a peaceful rally in support of who they referred to as “our man”, were abruptly dispersed by army officers and other security operatives, on Aba Road in the Rivers State capital.

Some of the protesters claimed they were attacked by security operatives, leading to many of them sustaining injuries.

Many of those who resisted the security operatives were arrested and their flags confiscated.

They were carrying flags with pictures of Donald Trump and the acclaimed leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

The IPOB supporters said they will continue to believe in their dream of the nation of biafra. the walk took them through some major streets in port harcourt.