Mobs Kill Four After Tanzanian Girl Is Murdered


Enraged Tanzanian villagers beat to death four people suspected of involvement in the murder of a seven-year-old girl, a regional governor said Sunday.

The body of Rachael Malekela was discovered on Friday, making her the latest victim in a spate of apparent ritualistic murders that has claimed about a dozen children in Tanzania’s southern Njombe district since the start of the year.

“Following Rachael’s murder, angry residents separately attacked and killed four people suspected of being involved in the murder, Christopher Olesendeka, governor of the Njombe province told a public meeting.

Police are searching for those who committed the killings on Saturday, Olesendeka said.

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Local Tanzanian authorities believe the children are being killed for their bodyparts to be used in superstitious rites. The killers systematically remove the victims’ genitals, ears, and tongues.

At Rachael’s funeral on Saturday, district chief Ruth Msafiri said a specialised police unit had been deployed to Njombe to solve the string of child murders that has alarmed the entire country.

A statement issued by 25 Tanzanian organisations, meanwhile, urged compatriots to give up dangerous traditional beliefs.

“We call upon the government to reinforce control over activities by traditional healers and to punish those behind human rights violations,” the organisations added.

In recent years, Tanzania had been singled out for assaults on albinos, but a joint campaign by authorities and religious groups has sharply reduced the number of such attacks.


Mob Kills Three Suspected Of Stealing Children In Ecuador

Residents of the town look at a burning taxi set on fire by a violent mob that lynched -during an unclear incident- two men and a woman whom they accuse of stealing children and were traveling on it, police authorities informed, at Posorja, Ecuador on October 16, 2018.

A mob in Ecuador killed three people mistakenly suspected of stealing children, police said on Tuesday.

Officials said those three were not in fact accused of such a crime but rather had been arrested on suspicion of stealing money and cell phones.

When they were brought to a police station in the southwest town of Posorja, a crowd outside overpowered officers and beat the detainees to death with rocks and sticks. Footage of the attack circulated on social media.

The mob also burned a taxi and six motorcycles. Three police were injured.

Police at the station tried in vain to convince the mob that the suspects were not accused of abducting children.


Mob Beat Five To Death In India


Indian police said Monday they have arrested 23 people after five men were bludgeoned to death by a crazed mob in yet another horrific lynching to rock the country.

Local media estimate more than 25 people have been killed in recent months in similar cases sparked by false rumours spread on smartphones of child kidnapping or allegations of thievery or sexual harassment.

The latest incident saw eight men set upon in Dhule district, 330 kilometres (205 miles) from India’s financial capital Mumbai in the western state of Maharashtra on Sunday.

Police said the attack began after locals spotted one of the eight talking to a child after they disembarked from a bus near the village of Rainpada.

“They were confronted by the locals who had gathered at the Sunday market after suspecting them to be child kidnappers,” Dhule police chief M Ramkumar told AFP.

Three of them escaped but five were dragged to the village council office and beaten to death with sticks and blunt objects.

Police said they identified the alleged attackers from a video shot during the assault. Another dozen suspects were still on the run, they added.

Those killed were from Solapur district of the same state but some 450 kilometres away.

The current spate of lynchings started in May last year in eastern Jharkhand state after rumours on WhatsApp about child kidnappers led to the lynching of six men.

The rumours have since resurfaced, with attacks reported in at least 11 states.

The attacks — usually targeting outsiders — have left authorities scrambling to mount an effective response, with awareness campaigns and public alerts having a limited effect.

Last week a “rumour buster” official tasked with alerting the public to such hoaxes was lynched by a mob in the remote northeastern state of Tripura.


Afghan Court Quashes Farkhunda Mob Killing Death Sentences

farkhundaJustice for Farkhunda, a young woman killed by a mob in Kabul, may not be in sight soon as an appeal court in Afghanistan quashed the death sentences imposed on four men who took part in the act.

Eight people, including policemen, were given jail terms and four sentenced to death, but after an appeal, the keeper of the shrine who incited the mob was acquitted.

Women activists were outraged about the decision, which was taken in a secret hearing.

One of the activists, Wasjima Frogh, condemned the judgment in strong terms, insisting that the trial was a scam.

”Farkhunda was killed because she was a woman,” she said, claiming the judges have treated her case lightly.

In Afghanistan, “not only the Taliban, but the whole system is oppressing women”, she added.

Farkhunda was stoned, run over by a car and then burnt to death for allegedly burning a copy of the Koran.