Nigeria has decrees not constitution – Annkio Briggs

In a continued discussion on the constitution review which has been generating a lot of reaction, Annkio Briggs, a Niger Delta Activist and the Executive Director and Founder of Agape Birthrights said Nigerians are concerned on an objective approach.

Mrs Briggs disclosed this in Lagos while responding to questions on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

She said there is no constituton in Nigeria and that what we have is a mere book of law.

‘No people in Nigeria ever sat down to write the 1999 constitution, it is a military decree that was put together by the out-going military government that handed over to former president Olusegun Obasanjo’.

Nigeria needs a people-driven constitution – Bisi Adegbuyi

Bisi Adegbuyi a legal practitioner joined Sulaiman Aledeh and Co. on Sunrise Daily this morning to discuss the issue of constitution review  which has been an issue that is debatable amongst Nigerians since the Senate Retreat which was held at Asaba, the Delta State capital last month on the way forward for the country.

Bisi Adegbuyi said the National Assembly by virtue of the 1999 constitution can actually amend the constitution either for the better of the Nigeria as a whole or for the worse.

But he said in his own view, since the country’s government is democratic as of now, he believes every Nigerian must be involved in the process of a constitution review/having a new constitution even though in practice every Nigerian in the country cannot be heard but with a simple delegation process, Nigerinas can be heard as the country needs a people-driven constitution.

Nigeria does not have what is called a Constitution – Idaye Opi

Today, discussing the constitution issue of the country, Nigerians of all walks of life will definitely hold different opinion on this one issue.

But whatever our views and opinions may be, a review of the constitution is in view after the recent Senate retreat which the oil state Delta state hosted.

Idaye Opi, a Legal Practitioner on this issue said the country; Nigeria does not have a constitution.


Enjoy the interview.

We are paying PHCN for darkness – Paul Utho

A public affairs analyst, Paul Utho said the planned increase of electricity tariff by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is a sign of an irresponsible government.

Mr Utho while responsing to questions from the Sunrise Daily presenters said that the PHCN had increased electricity tariff over the years with no significant improvement in the quality of power supply.

“We are not saying we don’t want change, but we are against the way the government is going about imposing this change,” he said.