Lagos storm rages on

Channels Television  
Updated May 15, 2012

On the 13th of February 2012 a powerful flash storm devastated parts of Lagos within a matter of minutes as workers, traders and school pupils hit the roads for the day’s activities. Surprisingly there was no flood but a violent storm. The storm that wreck havoc.

Many trees literally bowed due to the intensity of the wind while many others that could not withstand it fell, compounding the traffic situation caused by the falling masts and billboards. Houses lost there roofs and many lives were lost.

But it was a disaster foretold. The Lagos State Government had hinted of the possibility of such an occurrence, especially in the light of the experience in the state last year when a heavy downpour led to the deaths of many people in the state, and the loss of valuable property.

The state government, in December, last year told Lagosians to brace up for weather-related challenges due perhaps to climate change.