Super Eagles waylaid by Malawians

Channels Television  
Updated June 9, 2012

Fans of Malawi national team ahead of the clash bet ween their country and Nigeria waylaid the Super Eagles during their training in Malawi.

Ben Alaiya, the media officer of the team said rough-looking fans came on the field with a plan to disrupt the late training session of the team which Coach Stephen Keshi insisted should hold despite arriving Malawi late so as for the players to feel the Kamuzu turf, although the time scheduled for the training was 2:30pm which had lapsed.

By the time the team was led to the Kamuzu Stadium by 5pm Malawi time by the Coach Stephen Keshi, it was already getting dark in Blantyre and that was when fans of Malawi stormed the training pitch and attempted to harass Nigerian players but were quickly prevented by team’s CSO, ACP Gideon Akinsola, Camp Commandant, Lt. Col Rabiu Yandoto and Psychologist Robinson Okosun, who momentarily assumed the duty of a security detail for the period that the shouting match lasted.

Malawi security outfit did not deem it fit to ride to the defence of Nigerian players not until the officials of the Super Eagles team resisted that a policeman came on board to wade into issue as the fans kept ranting that the stadium and country was theirs so nobody should or can stop them from having access to the arena where the Eagles were having their training.

A while later, the fans were calmed and told to let the Super Eagles have their training but they did that with a promise dealing with the Super Eagles players later on and the squad learnt that another confrontation is being planned against the Super Eagles team outside the stadium and after  30 minutes of training and due the darkness which was a deliberate act by the stadium officials to frustrate the Super Eagles, Coach Stephen Keshi had to retire the boys ,the fans still laid siege as promised and it took about 10 minutes for a combined team of policemen and some Nigerians resident in Blantyre to convince them to allow the Super Eagles out of the stadium and back into their bus.

All these Coach Stephen Keshi said were ploy by Malawi to destabilise the Super Eagles as he promised that the Super Eagles will do everything it can to make the country as whole by coming home with victory from Malawi as he also encouraged the team that such mind games should be expected in games like this and urged the players to be prepared for more of such antics from the fans of the Flames.