EGYPT: Analyst Describes Military Take Over As ‘Disciplined, Organised’

Channels Television  
Updated July 5, 2013

An International Relations Analyst, Dapo Thomas, has described the military intervention in Egypt’s democractic government as ‘a disciplined and organised’ step.

He added that the Egyptian government failed to keep to their promise and encroached on the people’s rights.

Speaking on Channels Television breakfast show Sunrise Daily, Mr. Thomas said the Egyptians protest was due to the dissatisfaction of the people and the inablity of the government to meet the needs of the people.

He explained that the Egyptians have not benfitted anything from the Mursi led adminsitration.

Speaking about the international community’s condemnation of the army’s intervention, he said there would certainly be diverse positions on the matter.

He mentioned that the country will not be in isolation despite different oppositions.