Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Chairman Insists New Tariff Is Fair

Channels Television  
Updated July 25, 2013

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has asked the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to substantiate its claims of arbitrary increase in electricity tariff as well as its accusation of the commission for including fixed charges as a component in the new electricity tariff.

The NERC, which responded to comments attributed to the President of NLC, Abdulwaheed Omar, in which he chastised the commission for increasing electricity tariff without commensurate improvement in supply, stated that the new tariff as contained in the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO-2) was fair, reasonable and necessary to guarantee continuous improvement in electricity supply to Nigerians.

The Chairman of NERC, Sam Amadi in an interview with Channels Television said the regulatory agency had initiated MYTO-2 with cautious and wide-reaching consultation with extant socio-economic stakeholders, including the NLC.