Life Beyond Oil: Fashola Advocates Reforms That Eliminate Corruption

Channels Television  
Updated February 28, 2014

The Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola is concerned about the country’s response to the abundance of oil.

At the 30th anniversary lecture of the law firm of George Etomi and Partners, Governor Fashola spoke on the topic “Life Without Oil”. The Governor believes that such a future was not reasonably foreseeable.

He wants more focus on how the country can develop herself and her people away from oil.

“The question that seems more appropriate is whether a better life with oil is possible. The answer I will offer is an emphatic yes. The road to that better life is not too difficult. It requires us to eliminate corruption at all levels of the oil industry. It requires us to reform NNPC especially in terms of personnel and replace them with more committed professionals.

“The road to that better life requires us to understand that although oil is currently selling at over $100 per barrel, it has not always been so and will not remain so,” he said.

Governor Fashola also referred to statement credited to Senator Chris Anyanwu a few days earlier on the floor of the Senate, during the consideration of the 2014 Budget, that the Navy does not have enough money to fuel her ships, as well as the complaints of the Inspector-General of Police that he did not have enough money for his men. He called on Nigerians not to keep quiet about the need for the country to move in the right direction.