PDP Alleges Forgery of Buhari Certificate

Channels Television  
Updated January 22, 2015

Buhari certificateThe PDP presidential campaign office says the documents said to have been released by the Government College Katsina as the results of the APC presidential candidate, are forged, manipulated and fraudulently procured.

The Director of Media for the Campaign Organization, Femi Fani-Kayode, said that instead of providing conclusive proof that he possesses the required qualification, he has only stumbled into a new phase in the matter.

Using an enlarged printout of the documents, the Director of Media showed what he said were clear indications of alterations and cancellations that questions the authenticity of the documents.

He said that the police and other security agencies should seek out the authors and masterminds of the forgery and prosecute them in accordance with the law.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, had on Wednesday, spoken to journalists about the controversy surrounding his primary and secondary school qualification.

While insisting that he attended the Provincial Secondary School, now known as Government College, Katsina, he named late Gen Shehu Musa Yar’adua and a former President of the Court of Appeal, Mr Umar Abdullahi, as his classmates.