Group Tasks Nigerian Leaders On Constitution Amendment

Channels Television  
Updated February 16, 2015
Professor Ben Nwabueze is the leader of the Project Nigeria Movement

Project Nigeria Movement led by Eminent Jurist and Elder statesman, Professor Ben Nwabueze has tasked leaders of conscience to immediately rise above the current political situation and intervene on the side of political restructuring of Nigeria through the amendment of the constitution.

The secretariat of the coalition of eminent national leaders and Activists, in its state of the nation address on Monday in Lagos, said it did not come to them as a surprise that the country’s democracy is beginning to yield to desperate and panicky actions from the political class.

Speaking through its Head of Secretariat, Mr Olawale Okunniyi, the movement stated that “by the framework of the subsisting 1999 constitution coupled with its attendant amendments, it will be very difficult for any government in Nigeria, no matter how well intentioned, to meet the democratic expectations of the people”.

Okunniyi, who was a delegate of the civil society movement to the 2014 National Confab, also lamented the inability of the political class to correct the inherent anomalies in the constitutional framework of the current democracy which, according to the movement continues to sustain the self serving politics breeding electoral desperation in Nigeria.

The group urged the political class to unanimously consider the popular resolutions of the new draft constitution produced by the 2014 national confab and amand the constitution to reflect the recommendations of the the conference.

According to Mr Okunniyi Nigeria’s governance and electoral structure needed to be reconsidered to ensure that it would help in the sustenance of democracy.