Mixed Reactions Trail Suspension Of Motorcyclists In Akure

Channels Television  
Updated July 27, 2015

motorcyclistsSome residents of Akure, the capital city of Ondo State,  have expressed displeasure with the suspension of the operation of commercial motorcyclists in the major roads in the city.

It was difficult for some of them to get to their places of work on Monday, as they had to trek long distances.

The State Government had last Friday, given the directive as a result of a protest by the motorcyclists over an order from the officials of the State Ministry of Transport to purchase the red number plates meant for commercial vehicles for their motorcycles.

They, however, refused the order, insisting they already had the blue colour number plates, which were paid for.

During the protest, the motorcyclists in anger, damaged some government properties including some bus stops and ornamental trees planted along some major highways in the city.

In annoyance to the act of vandalism, the State Government ordered the suspension of their activities in the city.

Government officials, other workers as well as traders, who depended on motorcycles otherwise called ‘Okada’ to transport themselves, had to trek as the few taxis were not enough to transport them to their destinations.

The State Chairman of the Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycles Riders Association of Nigeria, Obabi Jimoh, said that all members of the association in Akure, had complied with the government’s directive, pleading with the government for mercy.