UN Habitat: African Reps Set Priorities For African Urban Agenda

Channels Television  
Updated February 26, 2016

UN HabitatAfrican representatives meeting at the UN Habitat III regional conference in Abuja, have set seven priorities to fast-track urbanization in Africa, accompanied by sustainable development, social integration and equity.

After three days of deliberations, seven broad priorities were set by 52 African countries, for Africa’s urban agenda, and the UN Habitat III regional conference in Nigeria, drew to a close.

The representatives have agreed that there are no general solutions to issues of urbanization but they say there are a set of frameworks that can serve as guides.

Seven strategic priorities have been set in what would in future be known as ‘The Abuja Declaration’.

Among the priorities of the conference is the enhancement of people-centred urban and human settlements through access to affordable and adequate basic services, housing and land, urban safety and security, and upgrading of slums.

Also among the priorities is the allocation of adequate financial resources, enhancement of the connectivity between rural and urban areas and empowering local governments to deliver adequate shelter to citizen.

The focus is urbanization that accelerates structural transformation for inclusive growth, and strengthening of institutions and systems to promote transformative change in settlements.

The United Nations Habitat office is optimistic that these strategic priorities will set Africa out towards the global urban goal.

Every government now has the task to set about implementation, each nation according to its level of development.