PDP Calls Ali Modu Sheriff, Others ‘Agents Of Darkness’

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria has described the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff-led faction of the party as agents of darkness, insisting that the … Continue reading PDP Calls Ali Modu Sheriff, Others ‘Agents Of Darkness’

Sheriff To Take Over PDP Secretariat After Nine Months
PDP National Chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff

Sheriff, Ali Modu-Sheriff, PDP, Makarfi,The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria has described the Senator Ali Modu Sheriff-led faction of the party as agents of darkness, insisting that the former Governor of Borno State is not the Chairman of the party.

In a statement on Monday, the opposition party said its attention had been drawn to “another set of garbage and tissues of lies put together by the discredited loyalists of Senator Ali Modu-Sheriff in the name of a press statement”.

The party stated that the ‘group’, which it described as non-PDP members, had in the statement tried to sustain it’s illegal claim to the leadership of the Party, but insisted that it would not leave them to continue to deceive Nigerians.

The statement by the spokesman for the party, Dayo Adeyeye, read: “The National Caretaker Committee, which has been confirmed severally by the Courts as the authentic body saddled with the responsibility of providing leadership for the Party pending the hosting of an elective Convention, would have ignored the ranting of these men of dishonour but leaving them to continue deceiving Nigerians at this time would not be in the interest of democracy.

“First and foremost, we wish to state categorically that in consonance with Judgement of various Courts, which Ali Modu-Sheriff and his team of confused travellers have not bothered to appeal, the former Borno State Governor is not the Chairman of our Party, the PDP.

“His consistent claim to the Office is a continuation of the plans to cause mayhem in our Party but nature and fair justice has taken care of his desperation”.

Non-PDP Members

The PDP further stated that “it is amusing that these musketeers could be accusing the National Caretaker Committee of being the reason why the Party is facing challenges in terms of unfavourable election results especially in Edo and Ondo States when it’s not a secret to all Nigerians that these group of non-PDP members were the ones who frustrated the Party on all fronts.

“It is common knowledge that Mr Jimoh Ibrahim whom they pushed as front at the Ondo Poll before the Appelate Courts reversed the anomaly, openly campaigned for their Party, the APC.

“We are also aware of the various claims made in the Statement wherein the agents of darkness, used by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to cause confusion and frustrate our campaign for the Ondo Election, accused the Caretaker Committee of impunity”.

Enemies Of Progress

The PDP pointed out that “what they have done and are still doing is the worst form of impunity, lawlessness, greed and avarice.

“No matter what they say, we are determined as a political Party to forge ahead, and put our house in order even without their inputs.

“The National Caretaker Committee have not called for their expulsion against the claims they are making, the time for that has not come,” the party said, warning that the rain of vengeance will not hang forever in the clouds,” the party said.

It further urged its loyal members to keep the faith as the Appellate Courts would do justice to the various appeals pending before it at the appropriate time “to put an end to the antics of these enemies of progress masquerading as members of our Party”.

The party’s division become obvious when the former chairman of the party Ali Modu Sheriff was removed at a convention in Port Harcourt.

After that convention, the embattled leader secured several court orders that further scuttled unity in the party.

The extent of the division was further seen when the party produced two different candidates for the Edo State and Ondo State governorship elections.

In the latest election in Ondo, the party lost to the All Progressives Congress, a defeat that had been largely attributed to the division in the party.