Edo State Inaugurates Multi-Door Court House

Channels Television  
Updated January 22, 2017

edo-justiceThe Chief Judge Of Edo State, Justice Cromwell Idahosa, has inaugurated the Edo state Multi-Door Court House as part of efforts to enhance justice delivery through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

According to speakers at the inauguration which took place in Benin city, the Edo state capital, the Multi-Door Court House concept will ensure speedy delivery of justice as it is cheaper and ensures harmony among litigants.

“The goals of the the Multi-door approach is to provide our people with easy access to justice and reduce delay by making options available through which disputes can be resolved.”

While stressing that the training of Judiciary staff is key to the success of the court, the Chief Judge also urged the Nigerian Bar Association to brace up to the alternative dispute resolution and process.

“A lawyer who is not skilled with ADR options, would send himself completely out of touch with no service to render to disputants who by choice, will prefer the Multi-door Court House, to the regular court.”

The Judiciary in Delta state and the Edo state governor, represented by the solicitor general of the Edo state, also gave support for the Multi-Door Court House concept.

“This Government supports the Multi-Door initiative because we recognize that the formal justice system can a-times be intimidating, unfriendly, expensive and so many other things to the masses of our society.

The highlight of the occasion was the unveiling of the Book “Practice Directions on Mediation”.

As of now about 16 states of the federation have set up the Multi-Door Court House scheme.