Charly Boy, “Resume Or Resign” Protesters Attacked In Abuja

Channels Television  
Updated August 15, 2017

Members of the group Concerned Nigerians who have been protesting in Nigeria’s capital Abuja, demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari should either resume or resign have been attacked.

They were attacked on Tuesday morning when they took their protest to the Wuse Market in a bid to create more awareness about their campaign and get more Nigerians to support them.

Upon their arrival at the market, the “resume or resign” protesters were confronted and attacked by some people who are opposed to their action, forcing policemen to disperse the crowd.

But the co-convener of the group, Deji Adeyanju, in a statement accused those that confronted them of being members of the pro-Buhari protesters.

He said, “Members of our movement -#ResumeOrResign – were attacked by known supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari while on a visit to Wuse Market.

“The attack was spearheaded by a member of the pro-Buhari support group that meets at the Unity Fountain. This attack was completely unprovoked.

“This is the third in a series of attack carried out against us using a combination of policemen and paid hoodlums.”

The protest, started by the group on Monday last week, has been dismissed by the Presidency, which insists that their demands are illegal and unknown to the law.

A day after it started, the protest took an unpleasant turn as the police fired tear gas at the protesters to disperse them, saying the protest was getting out of hand and could lead to a breakdown of law and order.

By Thursday a rival group of protesters appeared on the scene, rejecting the position of the Concerned Nigerians group and expressing support for the President.

This led to tension in the city as both groups of protesters engaged each other in a war of wards.

In his statement today, Adeyanju said the attempts to suppress the “resume or resign” protest was saddening.

He, however, stressed that the protesters won’t be discouraged.

“We reiterate commitment to remaining resolute in demanding full disclosure regarding the state of health of the President. It is the right of the Nigerian people to know the true state of health of the man they voted into power and for whose health care they are paying,” he said.

“Our right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly are constitutional rights that we will not allow to be abrogated.”