Nine Key Things To Know About Jubilee Fellows Programme

Soonest Nathaniel  
Updated September 2, 2021


A few days ago, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme (NJFP). The scheme is part of his administration’s effort to create more jobs and stimulate the economy.

The initiative which was put together in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is expected to avail jobs to about 20,000 graduates.

Here are nine other key things young people need to know about the NJFP.

12 Months Fully Paid

The NJFP is a 12-month fully paid programme designed to enhance graduates’ employability; build leadership, entrepreneurial and on-the-job skills; and expose them to real-world business environments.


Talented young Nigerians who are chosen for this project will be placed in private and public sector organisations across the country where they will be mentored by highly seasoned professionals in various fields.


Participants should be at most 30 years old and should possess a Bachelor’s Degree from any discipline. The graduate year, however, must not be earlier than 2017.

Those interested must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) or have a certificate of exemption from the NYSC.

Work Experience

Participants need no work experience as the fellowship is designed to help fresh NYSC graduates who often find it challenging to break into the professional world.

Other Attributes Fellows Must Have

Those who long to be a part of the programme must not be currently engaged in any employment. They must demonstrate interest/commitment in their chosen career field.

Also, they are expected to demonstrate interest/commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic development. Having excellent time management and a professional attitude would come in handy. Of course, good verbal and written communication skills are very important.

What Regions Can Apply

All eligible Nigerians regardless of the region they come from can apply for the fellowship which is free of charge; no bias of tribe. This is to ensure that organisations and youth from all corners of the country can participate through merit-based selection.

How Fellows Are Connected/Paid

According to the NJFP’s official website, participating companies are connected directly to graduates to find the best young talent that Nigeria offers.

Once matched, they are able to welcome a talented and skilled young person to their team for a year, with the salary covered by the programme.

Eligibility Of Host Organisations

To become eligible hosts, organisations must provide up-to-date regulatory documentation including –

CAC Certificate of Registration

Provision of an official letter of interest detailing a clear understanding of the objectives of the NJFP and commitment to supporting the programme by accepting fellow placements.

Provision of clear descriptions of available role requirements.

Agreement to provide mentorship support to fellows through dedicated sessions with existing experienced professionals within their organisations.

Agreement to abide by the guidelines of the programme and to sign a code of conduct.”

There must also be non-discrimination policies on gender, ethnicity, religion, and disability status, as well as Policies Against Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse (PSHEA).

Furthermore, the firm needs to have no criminal records or conviction or any affiliation with proscribed organisations i.e., terrorists, drug traffickers, illicit trade, child labour.

Registration And Monitoring

For the first cohort, registration/application begins 6th of September, 2021. According to the government, transparency and accountability are cornerstones of the NJFP.

The programme is equipped with a robust financial management system and internal controls to enable financial transfers to be made directly to participating youths.

There will be a team whose job it is to monitor and audit programme management, procurement and outsourcing with a unique monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure the NJFP stays accountable to its participants, partners and long-term objectives.