Luxembourg Plans To Legalise Cannabis Use

Channels Television  
Updated October 23, 2021
Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel speaks to media on the second day of a European Union (EU) summit at The European Council Building in Brussels on October 22, 2021.


Luxembourg’s government on Friday unveiled proposals to allow people to grow and use cannabis in their homes, a practice that is already legal in Spain.

Under the draft law, each household would be allowed to grow up to four plants, the ministers of the interior, health, and justice told a press conference.

The move is contained in draft legislation aimed at tackling organised drug crime.

Luxembourg will maintain the ban on public consumption of cannabis but will introduce a “lighter criminal procedure” limited to a fine of 145 euros if the amount involved is less than three grams.

The liberal government of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel came to power in 2018 promising total decriminalisation or even legalisation of the recreational use of cannabis.

But it reviewed those plans in the light of fears from neighbouring countries, notably France, that such a move would create a trafficking site on its border.

The new legislative package will be examined by parliament early next year and the measures could be in place by late 2022.

In Spain, the selling and public consumption of cannabis is banned but production for personal use is legal.