Army Says ‘No Cause For Alarm’ As Explosions Rock Maiduguri


The army on Saturday said there was no need to panic after explosions rocked some communities in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

In a statement signed by spokesperson Brigadier-General Onyema Nwachukwu, the army described the attack as a “security breach by suspected Boko Haram (BH) and Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists who made futile attempt to maintain potency early this morning, 4 December 2021, with explosions in the outskirt of Maiduguri Metropolitan Council.”

The explosions reportedly hit Gomari community and 1,000 Housing Estate in Maiduguri but no deaths were reported.

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“This unfortunate incident has caused some level of damage and apprehension in residential areas. Although, no life was lost, sadly a minor sustained injury,” the army said.

This photo combination shows scenes from an explosion in a residential area in Maiduguri, Borno State on December 4, 2021.
This photo combination shows scenes from an explosion in a residential area in Maiduguri, Borno State on December 4, 2021.


“Ground troops in conjunction with the Air Component of OPHK responded swiftly and dominated the area with ground and air interdictions that successfully neutralized the threats and infiltration attempt by the terrorists.

“The general public are urged not to panic as troops are on ground and aggressively dominating the city to effectively take out any perceived threat.

“The good people of Maiduguri are equally enjoined to go about their normal socio economic activities and provide actionable information on the movement of these criminal elements.”

Terrorist attacks

Saturday’s attack comes a day after seven soldiers were reportedly killed by ISWAP jihadists near a base at Rann, close to the Cameroonian border.

In February, at least 17 people were killed and 43 others injured when ISWAP fighters fired multiple rockets on Maiduguri.

The terrorists have also blown up electricity towers on several occasions, plunging the city into darkness for months.

On February 23, 2019, a soldier was killed and 20 others wounded when Boko Haram launched 13 rocket attacks on Maiduguri hours before voting began in Nigeria’s presidential election.

Over 40,000 people have been killed since the Boko Haram insurgency began 12 years ago and more than two million are displaced from their homes.

Zulum reacts

Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, visited the scene of the explosions on Saturday and sympathised with those affected.

“It seems the insurgents came very close to the town, the military has to wake up and ensure adequate surveillance,” Zulum said.
Borno State Governor Babagana Zulum visited victims of a Maiduguri explosion on December 4, 2021.


This is something that we can avert its occurrence. For the insurgents to have come such close to fire rockets, I think there is something wrong that we should have to check.

“We have to fortify Maiduguri town, we have to ensure adequate patrols on a daily basis to avert future attacks.

“It is very sad and unfortunate we have to witness this kind of attack at this time.”

Zulum Cuts Short Trip To Borno Border Town Amid Insurgent Attack

Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum


Borno state Governor Babagana Zulum on Thursday abruptly cut short his visit to Malam-Fatori, a border town in Borno following an attack, Channels Television has learnt.

Malam-Fatori is the headquarters of Abadam local government, a known stronghold of the outlawed ISWAP group and the only Borno territory still under the control of the outlaws.

The Governor had spent two days in Diffa and Bosso provinces of neighboring Niger Republic, from where he led some Nigerian refugees, on Thursday, to undertake clearance exercise in Malam-Fatori.

Malam-Fatori, located on the fringes of Lake Chad, was violently occupied by Boko Haram for about six years before the military took control. Residents have been taking refuge in Diffa and Bosso, which is about five kilometers away.

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Attempts by the military to restrict the governor and his team from taking a tour of the town – because military operations were still ongoing – proved abortive as the governor insisted on carrying out his mission of inspecting hospitals and other municipal buildings.

Security sources say the governor and his team, consisting of the state resettlement committee narrowly missed being hit in an ambush as sporadic gunshots greeted them during the inspection.

The military, according to sources, had ordered all the civilians, including the governor to lay flat as the soldiers engaged the assailants.

They were later to receive air support, as the military began shelling the general area where the gunshots were heard.

The military thereafter evacuated everyone to the military base where a furious Zulum engaged the Commanding Officer Brigadier General Mutkut in a heated argument insisting that the attack was staged, accusing the army for being responsible.

Zulum is convinced that the military is sabotaging the planned return of refugees but maintains that he would not be deterred.

The visit ended abruptly as an Airforce helicopter evacuated the Governor and a few members of his entourage to Maiduguri.

It was gathered that the resettlement committee had also faced similar attacks on the two occasions they had visited Malam-Fatori to access and commence rehabilitations.

Thursday’s attack on the Governor is a setback on the plans to evacuate refugees back to Malam-Fatori by November 27.

Zulum had travelled to Niger on Tuesday evening and passed the night at Diffa.

He was received by the Governor of Diffa Province, Issa Lameen with the leaders discussing how to effectively collaborate on planned repatriation of refugees from Borno state.

Two Mobile Policemen Confirmed Killed In ‘Minor’ Damboa Attack

Borno is situated in northeast Nigeria.
A map of Borno, a state in north-east Nigeria.


The Borno State Police Command has confirmed the death of two mobile policemen during an attack in Damboa local government on Thursday which the military described as “minor”.

Police spokesperson Kamilu Mohammed made the confirmation on Friday evening but gave no further details about the incident.

The attack was carried out by suspected insurgents who drove into the town at about 5:34pm on Thursday in a convoy of eight gun trucks.

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The mobile police base appeared to be their main target at they engaged the personnel in a heavy gun fight killing the two personnel in the process and eventually setting the base ablaze.

Local sources say one civilian was also killed by a stray bullet during the fire exchange.

The Minister of Defense Bashir Magashi, who led the Chief of Defense Staff and other service chiefs to Maiduguri a day after the attack, confirmed to journalists that the Damboa incident was one of the issues discussed during a closed door meeting that lasted four hours.

“Some of the things we discussed is how we can conduct the next phase of operation which is highly classified and are not meant for discussion with the press. We have gotten the problems that require urgent solutions and the ones that will require a little bit of time for our next move in the operation,” Magashi explained.

The Chief of Defense Staff. General Lucky Irabor, who barred the minister from making further comments, said it was a “minor issue.”

“Those are tactical issues, you don’t bother the Minister with such; the theatre commander will take care of such, it’s a minor issue,” Irabor said.

Zulum: All IDP Camps In Maiduguri To Shut Down By Dec 31


The Borno State Government has announced plans to shut down all Internally Displaced Persons’ camps within the Maiduguri metropolis by December 31.

Governor Babagana Zulum disclosed this while addressing State House correspondents after a closed-door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari, in Abuja on Friday.

He said the decision was informed by the recent improvement in the security situation in the state as well as the need to return the IDPs to their ancestral homes.

“I came to brief the president on efforts made by Borno State government in ensuring the return of Internally Displaced Persons to their homes.

“So far so good, Borno State government has started well, and arrangements have been concluded to ensure the closure of all internally-displaced persons’ camps that are inside Maiduguri on or before December 31,” Governor Zulum said.

According to him, the President had assured him of his support towards the move.

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Meanwhile, Governor Zulum also announced that after nearly three years, the naval base in Baga has been reopened as part of efforts to boost security in the Lake Chad region.

He said he had informed the President that the Chief of Naval Staff had ensured the return of the naval base to Baga last month, requesting additional support from the President to appropriately deal with the rising number of ISWAP members operating in the southern and northern part of the state.

The Baga naval base was attacked by Boko Haram insurgents in December 2018.

The terrorists carted away a cache of arms and ammunition from the armoury, forcing Nigerian troops to withdraw from the region.

But in June, Governor Zulum urged the military to reopen the base saying it had become necessary to secure farmers in the Lake Chad region.

Three Years After Attack, Naval Base Returns To Baga


The Borno State Government has announced that the naval base in Baga has been reopened as part of efforts to boost security in the Lake Chad region.

Governor Babagana Zulum announced this during a media briefing on Friday after a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari at the statehouse.

According to him, he informed the President that the Chief of Naval Staff had ensured the return of the naval base to Baga last month, requesting additional support from the President to appropriately deal with the rising number of ISWAP members operating in the southern and northern part of the state.

The Baga naval base was attacked by Boko Haram insurgents in December 2018.

The terrorists carted away a cache of arms and ammunition from the armoury, forcing Nigerian troops to withdraw from the region.

But in June, Governor Zulum urged the military to reopen the base saying it had become necessary to secure farmers in the Lake Chad region.

He further maintained that in view of the relative peace experienced within the state, the President had given an assurance to provide support towards ongoing efforts to return Internally Displaced Persons to their ancestral homes.

He added that the state has concluded arrangements to shut down all IDP camps within the Maiduguri metropolis by December 31, 2021.

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Governor Zulum also stated that earlier in the year he had survived many attacks numbering over 40 by insurgents in the state.

“I was attacked more than 40, 50 times,” said the governor while responding to questions from reporters. “I know the magnitude of this problem.”

He decried the impact of the over one decade-long insurgency which he said has gravely affected the livelihood of the people of the state.

“We have estimated a total number of over 50,000 orphans and widows; these are official figures, the unofficial figures are more than these, and we were able to cultivate not more than three per cent of our total arable land because of the insurgents.

“And right now, the whereabouts of not less than 10 per cent of the people of Borno State is not known to all of us – at all. This is a very serious matter,” Governor Zulum lamented.

Six Women, Nine Children Escape From Boko Haram Captivity

Some of the rescued victims.


Six women and nine children kidnapped in the North-East have escaped their captors, walking for six days through the bush to freedom, an official said Monday.

The 15 hostages were seized separately from the farming villages of Takulashi in Borno state’s Chibok district and Cofure in neighbouring Adamawa’s Hong district several months ago.

Chibok was the scene of the 2014 abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by Boko Haram which earned the jihadist group global notoriety.

Three of the hostages along with their five children were seized during a raid on Takulashi in October last year, while the other three with their four children were abducted from Cofure in May, according to Zuwaira Gambo, Borno’s women affairs commissioner.


Bandits Attack Sokoto Village Market, Kill 20 – Sources

Bandits Attack Zamfara Community, Kill 14 People

 Dozens Rescued From Illegal Rehabilitation Center In Kano


A Display Of Resilience

The North-East region has witnessed a decade-long conflict.


The hostages, including an eight-month pregnant woman from Cofure, “trekked for six days” from Buni Yadi forest in nearby Yobe state to Damboa town in Borno, a distance of around 90 kilometres (56 miles), Gambo said.

“They have displayed resilience, trekking in the bush for six days,” Gambo said while presenting the escaped hostages to Borno state governor Babagana Zulum and Christian leaders.

It was not clear who kidnapped the women and children, but Buni Yadi is a known enclave for the IS-linked Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), which split from Boko Haram in 2016 to become a dominant force in the region.

Zulum expressed delight receiving the hostages after they “fell prey to Boko Haram terrorists,” a name officials use for both groups.

“We thank God Almighty for rescuing and protecting you from the hands of terrorists,” Zulum said.

Boko Haram and rival ISWAP are notorious for kidnapping women.

They have been engaged in a 12-year old conflict that has killed more than 40,000 people and displaced around two million.


Villagers Flee As Boko Haram Attacks Yobe Community

A file photo of two armed men.


Suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Sunday attacked Babbangida in Yobe State. The incident, which caused many of the villagers to flee, is coming one month after the terrorists launched an assault on the community. 

Although authorities are yet to confirm the latest attack on the headquarters of Tarmuwa Local Government Area, a resident of the community, Audu Ali, told Channels Television on the phone that there was a heavy gun battle between the military and the suspected Boko Haram members.

Babbangida, which is located 50 kilometres away from Damaturu the state capital, was last attacked on August 25, 2021.

The military had recovered a Toyota Hilux from the attackers after the assault.  

Sunday’s incident is one of the many attacks on communities in the North East state which has continued to suffer from onslaughts by Boko Haram terrorists.

The insurgents, who usually come in their large numbers, have also sacked some villages – including Geidam which is the hometown of the Inspector General of Police Usman Baba Alkali – hoisting their flags.

They have also attacked telecommunication facilities in the state.

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Map of Borno State.


Yobe is not the only state suffering from the insurgents’ attack.

They have also attacked telecommunication facilities and targeted power stations in Borno State.

On multiple occasions, they have vandalized power towers, cutting off many communities from the national grid.

In spite of these, Nigeria’s security forces and the Federal Government maintain that they are recording success in the fight against the terrorists.

According to the Nigerian Army, due to sustained onslaughts from troops, the insurgents are surrendering and embracing amnesty.

In August, the spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu said the Chief Bomb Expert of the terrorist group known as Musa Adamu a.k.a Mala Musa Abuja and his second in command, Usman Adamu a.k.a Abu Darda along with their families and followers, surrendered to the troops in Bama Local Government Area of the state.

He put the number of the surrendered insurgents at 335 fighters, 746 women and children including one of the abducted Chibok girls.

The calls for amnesty to the surrendered terrorists have also drawn widespread criticisms from many quarters.

Critics say the move may further embolden criminals, insisting that those displaced by the decade-long war should first be resettled.

“The first step after getting them is the resettlement of people now that the war is getting to an end or is almost ending,” Senator Ali Ndume from Borno South told Channels Television in August.

“Then, we talk about profiling, investigating, and interrogating those that have surrendered, ” the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army, added.









EU, UNICEF To Address Mental Health Of 5,129 Out-Of-School Children In Borno

UNICEF is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations in the world.
UNICEF is among the most widespread and recognizable social welfare organizations in the world.


As children continue to bear the brunt of the 12-year conflict in North East Nigeria, the European Union (EU) and UNICEF are working together to provide community-based psychosocial services aimed at improving children’s mental health.

This is according to a press statement jointly released by the European Union (EU), and UNICEF.

Through the EU-funded Support to Early Recovery and Resilience Project implemented by UNICEF, at least 5,129 conflict-affected; out-of-school children in six Local Government Areas of Borno State are receiving services including mental health support in safe spaces to strengthen their well-being, resilience, literacy skills and self-reliance.

The project also supports vulnerable children across Borno with protection and health services, vocational and basic literacy skills, and access to justice and security, under a holistic humanitarian intervention that has so far provided 15,552 out-of-school children with vocational training; 1,610 out-of-school children with literacy and numeracy skills and 5,194 children enrolled into integrated Qur’anic schools across focus LGAs.

UNICEF recently revealed that more than 300,000 children have been killed in Nigeria’s North East, while over one million have been displaced.

A recent Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) needs assessment of conflict-affected children in the region revealed pervasive psychosocial distress manifesting as high levels of anxiety, suspiciousness, anger, aggressiveness, and hyper-vigilance.

“The scars of conflict are real and enduring for children,” said Peter Hawkins, UNICEF’s Representative in Nigeria. “Too many children in North East Nigeria are falling victim to a conflict they did not start. Attacks against children must stop immediately. In the meantime, we are committed to working with our partners to provide psychosocial and other support to conflict-affected children so they can regain their childhood and restart their lives.’’

Stress and violence have been linked to poor brain development, depression and poor self-esteem, and children exposed to conflict and violence are at risk of long-term mental health and psychosocial issues, it added. 

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“Addressing the psychosocial well-being and development of children and teachers in conflict situations is an important part of re-establishing education provision and enabling children to re-enter schools safely,”  EU Head of Cooperation Cecile Tassin-Pelzer, noted.

UNICEF says it uses psychosocial support to help conflict-affected children manage their emotions, solve problems, deal with crises, and maintain healthy relationships.

The EU-funded programme in Borno State is a component of a three-year €10 million European Union Support to Early Recovery and Resilience package to support children, youths, and communities in Borno State.

Also included in the package is the provision of vocational skills and non-formal education to at least 25,000 young people, the construction and rehabilitation of learning centers and the strengthening of education management information systems.

Zulum Suspends Ramat Polytechnic Management Team After Surprise Visit

Governor of Borno of State Professor Babagana Zulum inspects the Ramat Polytechnic in Maiduguri.


Governor of Borno of State Professor Babagana Zulum has suspended the entire management of the state-owned Ramat Polytechnic in Maiduguri, for a period of six months.

The suspension came after the governor, who was a student of the Polytechnic between 1986 to 1988, unexpectedly visited the Polytechnic around 9:00 am on Tuesday and found most of the laboratories out of use, with some covered in cobwebs and rodents roaming around due to neglect.

After assessing all the infrastructure and learning conditions, he directed the state’s Commissioner of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Babagana Mallumbe, to take over the affairs of the school immediately.

“As far as I am concerned, this Polytechnic is dead. Nothing is working,” he said.

“The workshops are not in existence, the mechanical workshop is not working, the agricultural workshop is not working, likewise, the entrepreneurship centre is not working. The school is facing myriads of problems, ranging from lack of funding and commitment. As a former student of this polytechnic, a former rector, I have moral stakes in this polytechnic. Insha’Allah, I will not allow this polytechnic to rot during my era as Governor of Borno State. I will do everything possible within my reach to ensure functionality of this institution Insha Allah.

“I have directed the Commissioner of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation to take over the affairs for the next six months. The ministry is to ensure that all the workshops and the laboratories are put back to use as soon as possible. The entrepreneurship centre should immediately be put back to use as well. When I was at the Polytechnic as a rector, the entrepreneurship centre was producing nothing less than 10,000 to 20,000 school desks and chairs every month. We produced hospital beddings,” Zulum said.


Governor Zulum inspects laboratories in the Ramat Polytechnic.


Thereafter, he held a closed-door meeting with the management of the Polytechnic.

He also directed the Ministry of Water Resources to drill two deep aquifers boreholes and carry out a complete water channel network within the polytechnic, which is coming after prior interventions he approved for Polytechnic in 2019, to reduce problems of water supply.

After the meeting, Governor Zulum, while addressing thousands of students at the premises of the polytechnic, assured them that payment of scholarships will commence soon.

“The verification exercise has just been completed, I want to assure you that as soon as the detailed report is forwarded to me, we will pay your scholarship immediately,” he said.

The Governor was also at the Federal Secretariat, where enrollment exercises of Batch C N-Power volunteers were being conducted.

On arrival, he addressed thousands of applicants gathered for the biometric enrollment that will enable them to get monthly stipends from the Federal Government.

He assured them of the state government’s support despite N-Power being a Federal Government programme.

Maiduguri Church Violence: Shooter Who Reportedly Killed Pastor’s Son Arrested – Zulum

Governor Zulum speaks during the visit.


Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno State says security operatives have apprehended the shooter who reportedly killed the son of Pastor Bitrus Tumba when violence broke out between a demolition task force of the Borno Geographic Systems (BOGIS), and worshipers at a branch of EYN church in Maiduguri on August 5, 2021. 

Zulum disclosed this on Tuesday night when he visited the cleric whose son was killed during the incident.

“So far, suspects have been quietly arrested and all those involved in that dastardly act are being detained and God willing, they will face justice, as soon as the Police complete their investigation and make appropriate recommendations.

“We shall do justice to the matter without fear or favour. We share your pains. No exercise of government is ever aimed to cause injury let alone the death of any citizen. Every person in Borno has equal rights and we have a duty to protect the rights of all persons, top of which is the security of lives.

“We are pained by what happened and we condole you and your family,” Zulum told those present.

Governor Zulum says justice will be served.


At the pastor’s house, Governor Zulum said his visit is proof that his government has not forgotten the issue. He assured the family of the deceased that justice will come as soon as the police complete investigations.

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Zulum: Surrendered Insurgents Should Not Be Rejected To Avoid Endless War
Insecurity: The Govt Knows Sponsors Of Boko Haram, Says Former Naval Officer

While responding on his family’s behalf, Pastor Bitrus thanked the governor for the visit and said he considered Ezekiel’s death as an act of God which the family has accepted in good faith. 

Governor Zulum says his government is committed to protecting lives.


Pastor Bitrus added that everyone dies in a different way, and God has destined Ezekiel to die from a gunshot which no one could have stopped. 

“Whatever we do, we cannot bring the dead back to life; as true Christians, we have accepted it in good faith. Your Excellency, we express our appreciation to you for the visit, I have followed all your efforts on the death of our son, and they show your concern and the fact that you did not forget us, we really appreciate you,” he said.

The police are investigating the incident.


Before the visit, the governor had on the day of the incident sent Borno’s deputy governor, Umar Usman Kadafur, to meet the victims.

He also invited and met with Christian leaders, led by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman in the North-East state, Bishop Mohammed  Naga, after which he directed the police to investigate the incident and report to him. 

Pastor Bitrus commended Governor Zulum for his efforts since the incident happened.


Governor Zulum was received on the visit by the victim’s family and some CAN officials led by Bishop Naga.

Insecurity: The Govt Knows Sponsors Of Boko Haram, Says Former Naval Officer


Former Navy Commodore, Kunle Olawunmi on Wednesday hinted that the Nigerian government knows those behind the decade-long Boko Haram insurgency in the country. 

He made the comment during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

“They [government] know. Of course, it is in the news,” Commodore Olawunmi said.

“In April this year, the government said they had arrested 400 Bureau De Change (BDCs)-related people that were sponsoring Boko Haram. They told us.”

The presidency had earlier said it would publish names of those behind the Boko Haram war with the development generating heated controversy across the country. 

But months down the line, the long-waited list is yet to be made public, a situation the ex-military officer says does not bode well for the government which he accused of shielding criminals. 

“Try them, we know them. Why can’t this government, if not that they are partisan, bring those people out for trial?” he asked, corroborating calls from several quarters for the Federal Government to make good its promise. 

He claimed that the government has developed cold feet in fighting the insurgency because some of those backing Boko Haram are now top-ranking government officials.

“I can’t come on air and start mentioning names of people that are presently in government that the boys we arrested mentioned,” he said, referencing his time as a member of the military intelligence team in 2017.

“Some of them are governors now. Some of them are in the Senate. Some of them are in Aso Rock.”

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[Boko Haram Surrender] It Should Not Be Blanket Amnesty And Pampering – Ndume

More Boko Haram Insurgents Surrender In Borno, Beg For Forgiveness

Troops Continue Humiliating Boko Haram Terrorists In Borno -Nigerian Army

‘We Can’t Use Same Strategy’

Commodore Olawunmi believes the Nigerian government is not sincere in the fight against Boko Haram.


Olawunmi’s remark is the latest in the continued debates about how Nigeria can end the Boko Haram war which has led to thousands of deaths and displaced millions especially in the northeast and some neighbouring countries. 

While the military says the ongoing onslaught against the terrorists has yielded results and the criminals surrendering in ‘droves’, calls for granting amnesty to some of the “repentant” members of the sect have also divided opinions among stakeholders. 

Advocates, citing the amnesty programme of the ex-President Musa Yar’Adua to ex-Niger Delta militants, say it will bring peace to the troubled North-East. 

But Olawunmi has faulted the move. 

“The challenge we have in this country cannot be solved the same way we solved the problem of the Niger Delta. I told them we can’t use the same strategy for Boko Haram,” he argued, citing when he served a security and intelligence brief at the Defence Headquarters between 2016 and 2017.

According to him, fishing out the sponsors is a major way of ending the war.

 “The centre of gravity of Boko Haram and insurgency in Nigeria are the sponsors of that programme,” the professor of Intelligence and Global Security Studies, added. 


Zulum: Surrendered Insurgents Should Not Be Rejected To Avoid Endless War



The Governor of Borno State, Babangana Zulum, has said that repentant insurgents should not be rejected in order to avoid worsening the insurgency war.

The Governor said this on Tuesday after he paid a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari at the State House.

He believes the price for rejecting the surrendered bandits could be far worse than the current situation.

“The report of the surrendering of the insurgents and to me in particular and to the greater people of Borno State is a very welcome development unless we want to continue with an endless war,” Zulum said.

“I see no reason why we should reject those who are willing to surrender.

“I was attacked for more than 40, 50 times. I know the magnitude of this problem.

“More than 100,000 people were killed and therefore, I am in total support of this ongoing surrender by the insurgents”.

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Governor Zulum’s comments come as more insurgents continue to embrace amnesty.

According to the governor who says he has also been attacked by insurgents more than 40 different times, 2,600 Boko Haram members have so far surrendered, inclusive of their wives and children.

The issue of amnesty has been a subject of heated debate as many believe that it could further compromise the country’s security architecture.

One of those who has been vocal against the idea is Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Ali Ndume.

He believes the provision of blanket amnesty to insurgents has the tendency to breed new forms of criminality in the country.

“I don’t think blanket amnesty is the solution because if you do that, another form of criminality may emerge (with insurgents) hoping that the government will bring them to the negotiating table,” he said when he made an appearance on Channels TV’s Politics Today in February.

Senator Ndume said the government must strive to get to the root of the situation to ascertain what the true cause of the problem is.