Cameroon football chief, Iya Mohammed likely to face charges

Channels Television  
Updated April 16, 2012

Cameroon football federation president, Iya Mohammed has been answering questions on the management of the federation which he inherited since 1998.

The Fecafoot boss was interrogated by judicial police on Monday on what has been termed embezzlement of money provided by government for the running of football.

Iya spent several hours at the Yaounde judicial police answering questions on the financing and material provided by sponsors, money for broadcast rights and advertising, and money accruing from the Indomitable Lions participation in various international competitions.

These are similar questions that have come up each time Iya has been indicted in one misdeed or the other with regards to the management of the country’s football.

It is not the first time the Federation boss is being interrogated with regards to the management of Fecafoot. However, Iya’s current probe comes from a 2005 report transmitted to government by a Yaounde appeal court, following investigations on the running of the federation.

Fecafoot 3rd vice President, Francis Mveng confirmed Iya’s interrogation, but insisted that it was for routine questioning. Meanwhile, the communication officer for Fecafoot, Junior Binyan said the issue of questioning has been going on for seven years without any progress. To him, it is out of place to talk about embezzlement of public funds because money from government made available to Fecafoot is directly managed by officials of the ministry of sports and physical education. While the outcome of the numerous interrogations Iya has been undergoing is awaited, there remains a gully between officials of Fecafoot and those of the sports ministry.

While other federations exist in the country, Fecafoot attracts more attention world wide due to the name the Indomitable Lions have made over the years and the huge finances that come to the federation through the team. The Iya Mohamed executive has faced criticisms and interrogations for financial misdeeds, however many are to know why he the FA president is yet to be officially docked.