Mobile world our biggest challenge – Mark Zuckerberg

Channels Television  
Updated July 13, 2012

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg confessed that the greatest challenge the social network is presently facing is its adaptation into the mobile world.

He opened up the discussion at the media conference of Allen & co. which took place at sun Valley in Idaho.

Fitting the 990 million fan base membership social network into al mobile devices is proving to be the toughest task presently hindering his job as there’s a difference between desktop and mobile platforms. He also delved into the workability of the social network

Since the company went public in mid-May, Facebook has been having a tough time, and it still hasn’t climbed back to its $38 IPO price. Facebook’s stock fell below $$26 at one point and since then it’s generally stayed around the $30 mark.

The company’s struggles in the mobile realm has been well documented since Facebook filed documents with the SEC as it prepared to go public and listed mobile as one of its obstacles.

After that time, though, the company has made efforts to improve in the area. Facebook has made purchasing mobile ads easier, released a duo of apps this summer and purchased Instagram for $1 billion in April.

Meanwhile, for Facebook rival Twitter, the story is precisely the opposite as the company has actually been making more money from mobile on some days.

CEO; David Costolo admitted that he’s been all smiles to the bank these days.