Man Dies As Hundreds Aim Channel Tunnel

Channels Television  
Updated July 29, 2015

channel tunnelFrench police have confirmed the death of a man while about 1,500 migrants were trying to enter the channel tunnel in Calais on Tuesday.

Speaking after a meeting of the government’s Emergency Cobra Committee, Home Secretary, Theresa May, said the UK was pressing for the rapid installation of 1.2 miles of new security fencing which it had pledged to pay for at Coquelles, near the tunnel entrance.

The man was the ninth person killed at the channel tunnel terminal this summer.

French police said he was probably crushed by a lorry which was exiting one of the shuttles that transport vehicles through the tunnel.

The incident came after the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, pledged that the UK government would do everything possible to combat the crisis.

Mr Cameron had,  however, confirmed a £7m ($11m) funding for a new fencing at the terminal.

The man who died was described as Sudanese, aged between 25 and 30.