Kuwait Crackdown On ‘ISIS-Supporting Extremist Cell’

Channels Television  
Updated November 20, 2015

Kuwait Crackdown On 'ISIS-Supporting Extremist Cell'Reports say Kuwait has arrested members of an alleged terror cell accused of supplying funds and weapons to Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

A Lebanese National, Osama Khayat, allegedly confessed to buying ammunition and rockets for ISIS. Five others have been arrested.

ISIS has also said it was behind last week’s attacks in Paris and Beirut.

Kuwait’s Interior Ministry said the cell had been helping to recruit fighters and raised money that was being funnelled to an ISIS-related bank account in Turkey.

It said four members of the cell were outside Kuwait, including two Syrians and two Australian-Lebanese. It was unclear whether those four had been arrested.

In June, 27 people died after an attack on one of Kuwait’s oldest Shia mosques.

It was the worst terror attack in decades in the predominantly Sunni Muslim country. An affiliate group of ISIS calling itself Najd province claimed responsibility for the attack.