US Strike Kills 150 Somali Militants

Channels Television  
Updated March 8, 2016

Somali MilitantsThe Pentagon said that over 150 Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have been killed in a US air strike.

Spokesman, Captain Jeff Davis, said that the strike hit a training camp where a “large-scale” attack was being planned.

The strike launched on the militants by both drones and manned aircraft, took place on Saturday and targeted Raso Camp, a training facility about 120 miles north of the capital, Mogadishu.

Mr Davis said that the camp had been under surveillance for some time.

The group has said it carried out a string of recent attacks including a twin bomb at a busy restaurant in the Somali city of Baidoa last month.

Also on Monday, the Australian navy said it had seized a huge cache of weapons on a fishing boat off the coast of Oman that was apparently heading for Somalia.

Grenade launchers, machine guns, and 2,000 assault rifles were concealed under fishing nets, a Navy spokesman said.

Al-Shabab, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda, was pushed out of Mogadishu by African Union Peacekeeping Forces in 2011, but has continued to launch frequent attacks in its bid to overthrow the western-backed government.