Anti-Corruption War: SGF office terribly inefficient -Olubunmi Ajayi

Channels Television  
Updated April 3, 2012

Mr Olubunmi Ajayi a former president of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria was also invited to lets us know his own perception concerning the rate of corruption and the fight being staged against corruption and of late the several public hearings/probes called for by the House of Reps. i.e. Fuel subsidy probe, Police pension probe and the NSE/SEC probe to mention a few.

Is the agency responsible for curbing corruption functioning properly?

Whose responsibility is it to monitor and probe any suspected misappropriation of government funds?

Mr Ajayi stated that is not the responsibility of the House of Representative to call for a probe on erring sectors of government rather it is an oversight function which was left unattended to by the executive arm of government and that has to be checked.