Decent Discussion Of Issues Will Make National Conference Successful – Osuntokun

Channels Television  
Updated February 11, 2014

The former Managing Director, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Akin Osuntokun, says that what can make the National Conference successful is the good will of all Nigerians and a decent discussion of the topics in focus.

Giving his opinion on the proposed national conference’s modalities, Mr  Osuntokun supported the call for the adoption of fiscal federalism but suggested that the “present revenue allocation formula should be preserved for about 10-20 years before the fiscal federalism is made operational.

He expressed optimism that every zone or unit would have attained a position of sustainability by the end of the period.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, on Tuesday, Mr Osuntokun maintained that “the centre is having too much power”.

He bemoaned the political practice in Nigeria, which is characterised by selfish interest, saying that people take oppositions victory too personal.

“Nigeria is still in a position where politics is on the low. Somebody views your victory as a loss for him,” he said, comparing the nation’s political situation in 1960-1960 till now.

The former NAN boss said that in 1960, Nigeria had a better structure compared to the nature of things in the country now.