Art House: National Gallery Of Art Celebrates Masters Exhibition

Channels Television  
Updated April 22, 2014

These strokes were not done by ordinary hands; the extra-ordinary minds that created these pieces are being celebrated at this show organized by the National Gallery of Art.masters exhibition

The works of art is as unique as the brains that created them. That’s one of the reasons why the National Gallery boss, Abdullahi Muku was passionate, being a part of this project; he’s also taken note of these concerns.

Although it’s a wonder to behold such creative genius, some art enthusiasts have a bone to pick with the way the works of art are being handled.  Most of them are already showing signs of age making it so obvious that they have seen many moons.

Some of these Master artists have gone to the great beyond; a few others are still alive and well in their little corners doing what they know how to do best and imparting the next generation.