Confab: Public Service Cmttee. Recommendations Will Improve Govt’s Efficiency – Delegate

Channels Television  
Updated June 7, 2014

akinA Member of the Committee on Public Service at the National Conference, Akin Arinkawe, says that the recommendation by some delegates in Public Service Committee at the National Conference was a way of making the government spend less and more efficient.

The recommendations adopted by some delegates in the Public Service Committee at the National Conference had been that legislators at the National Assembly and state level should function on part time basis to reduce the cost of governance.

He said that the issue was not an isolated issue but a broad way of suggestive reforms which would help in the development of the country.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise, Mr. Arinkawe explained that the Committee on Revenue on Government had also recommended that the recurrent expenditure should be reduced to 40% of the budget annually and the capital expenditure that hovers around 30% to be increased to 60% with a period of 3-5years.

He further advised that government should maintain a balance by investing in development not only the recurrent expenditure.