Group Advocates Stiffer Penalty For Perpetrators Of Gender Based Violence

Channels Television  
Updated February 10, 2015

Chidi_Odinkalu-NHRCThe Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, has asked Nigerians to speak up for victims of gender based violence.

Addressing a gathering in Abuja, Professor Odinkalu observed that cases of rape, batter and jungle justice continue to increase in the country owing to the attitude of many Nigerians who would rather keep quiet than hand over perpetrators of such crimes to the police.

He called for the establishment of forensic laboratories to check the increase of gender based violence.

Other speakers at the event, organised to encourage Nigerians expose perpetrators of the crimes, also bore their minds on the issue.

They also looked at how well Nigeria’s laws and enforcement agents have protected victims of gender violence over the years and even proposed stiffer penalties for offenders.

While these Nigerians promise to speak against the consequences of gender based violence with a strong voice, it is expected that with increased campaigns, issues of violence against vulnerable persons will reduce in the country.