NERC Blames Poor management For Lack Of Sustainable Electricity

Channels Television  
Updated August 25, 2015

NERCThe Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr. Sam Amadi, on Tuesday blamed poor project management for the inability of the sector to generate and guarantee sustainable electricity.

He said this at a meeting between the commission and performance management officers of generation companies in the country.

Dr Amadi said the sector needs to develop skills that will enable it project and deliver on needed targets.

He also reminded the industry performance management officers that they have signed up to a capacity improvement agreement, adding that “we will monitor and our monitoring is not to penalise, it is to help us to learn more so the industry can improve.

“Now that utilities are private sector based, we have been able to resolve the remodelling issue, thus focus on project management”, he said, expressing hope that the country can end the year with at least 6, 000 megawatts.