South Sudan attack: 5 die, several injured

Channels Television  
Updated April 16, 2012

Five people lost their lives while several others were wounded after an airplane dropped bombs in Rubkona, South Sudan on Saturday.

According to a military spokesman Col. Philip Aguer, the bombs hit a market area in the town at one pm, while another town  in the state, Abiemnom County, as well as two other counties, were also attacked.

But Al-Sawarmi Khalid, a spokesman for the Sudanese Armed Forces, says, “We have not carried out attacks into South Sudan.”

South Sudan gained independence from the north in July, the result of a referendum overwhelmingly approved by voters last year.

The referendum was part of a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of civil war between the two sides that killed about 2 million people.

When they separated, South Sudan acquired three-quarters of Sudan’s oil reserves. The two countries have been locked in negotiations over how much the landlocked South Sudan should pay to use a pipeline and processing facilities in the north.

In late July, South Sudan halted oil production after accusing Sudan of “stealing” $815 million worth of its crude. Sudan said it confiscated the oil to make up for unpaid fees.