BOKO HARAM: Without Amnesty, Nigeria Would Import Food – Analyst Warns

Channels Television  
Updated April 15, 2013

A public affairs analyst, Mr. Shedrack Madlion has warned that the Federal Government of Nigeria has no choice but to embrace amnesty initiated by the Sultan of Sokoto and other leaders from Northern Nigeria or face the option of importing food from other countries of the world.

Mr. Madlion, a businessman based in northern Nigeria, who was analysing the on-going controversy surrounding amnesty from an economic point of view, lamented the situation entrepreneurs are facing in the distressed part of the nation.

He added that the daily routine of the average entrepreneur in the north, for the past three years, includes: wake up in the morning to report themselves to EFCC, or go to court, or be with their lawyers who will help them reschedule their debts to the banks.

“The amnesty programme, at the moment, seems to be only solution for us to bring back the economy of Northern Nigeria that has totally nose-dived.” Madlion said, while speaking on Sunrise Daily.

He disclosed that farmers in Plateau, Kaduna and Sokoto states no longer go to farm for fear of what will happen to them and added that granting amnesty to the terrorist group will bring about increase in food production.

He said that if we don’t have peace, there would be a need to review the federal budget as Nigeria would be forced to import yam from Jamaica and enhance rice imports from Thailand and Cambodia.

He disclosed that N1 billion worth of rice is consumed in Nigeria every six hours.

“If giving amnesty will be the only way we can bring back the bubbling economy of Northern Nigeria, then let it be.”

“If anybody has any other suggestion towards amnesty, first of all I will ask him to stop the clock from ticking. The banks should no longer calculate interest for us anymore, our landlord should no longer check when the rent will expire… nobody should come to the office or farm to ask for tax … above all, they should provide me food I’ll be eating pending the time when they come with up with a solution.” He said.