No Transfer Negotiation Yet For Mba, Agbim – Warri Wolves

Channels Television  
Updated April 17, 2013

Warri Wolves has claimed that there has not been any negotiations or dealings whatsoever between them and Enugu Rangers concerning players Sunday Mba and Chigozie Agbim.

The duo of Sunday Mba and Chigozie Agbim were part of the Super Eagles team that saw off other contending ocountries against the Super Eagles,ensuring that Nigeria lifted African Champions title  at the Afcon 2013, and it can also be said that the same tournament brought about the saga presently plaguing the playing careers of the players.

One of the officials of the Delta based club confirmed that Warri Wolves haven’t had any dealing with Enugu Rangers as regards these players and that they are applying hide and seek as a tactic to deceive clubs anticipating to bid for these players and Nigerians as well.

The transfer saga got messy after Sunday Mba who happens to be under Rangers camp began to get bids from several clubs in Europe and Africa after the Afcon 2013 tournament and a lot was revealed concerning the process at which these clubs conduct transfers without proper documentation or verbal contracts and this was exactly the situation which Sunday Mba, Chigozie Agbim and Michael Egbeta got into, as this can also be said for several other NPFL players.

Reacting to the statement made by Warri Wolves, the chairman of Enugu Rangers claimed that  Rangers were about to pay  N12million to Warri Wolves, being the alleged amount wanted on both Mba and Agbim.

He further stated that the decision of the club on paying the said amount to Warri Wolves to finally end the saga is still in place so as for Rangers to begin to enjoy the full services of these two players before their all-important clash with Recreativo de Libolo of Angola in the CAF Champions League.