DPR Seals Fuel Stations For Hoarding Product In Abeokuta


The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), has sealed up some fuel stations in Abeokuta metropolis for hoarding, creating artificial scarcity and under dispensing of products.

Leading the exercise in Abeokuta, the state capital, the head of operations in the Ogun office of the Department of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Muinat Bello -Zagi admonished consumers to avoid panic buying and hoarding of products at home, as she also frowned at the diversion of products by marketers.

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She said affected stations would be appropriately sanctioned by the agency to serve as a deterrent to others.

The situation in Abeokuta has been put under control as fuel stations are now dispensing products while consumers are being served without any hindrance a deviation from the experience of yesterday where some of the fuel stations put their outlets under lock and key thereby creating artificial scarcity.

NUPENG, PENGASSAN Divided Over Planned strike

NUPENGThere appears to be a division between unions representing oil workers in Nigeria.

This comes ahead of a planned strike to protest the alleged unfair treatment of oil workers.

The South West Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), Mr Tokunbo Korodo said a meeting with representatives of the Federal Government, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday has been shifted till July 11.

He noted that NUPENG remains open to the option of dialogue to ensure Nigerians are not made to suffer unnecessarily.

However, the National Public Relations Officer, Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), Mr Emmanuel Ojugbana, confirmed to Channels Television that all is now set for the planned strike.

He added that the gradual method of shutting down activities and operations in the oil and gas sector is being adopted by its members.

He also said the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) and the Petroleum Equalisation Fund (PEF) will also be affected during the strike.

Niger DPR Warns Petroleum Marketers Against Sharp Practices

DPR seals petrol service stationThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Niger state on Sunday warned petroleum marketers to desist from all kinds of sharp practices like diversion, hoarding, selling above official price and under-dispensing of the product or face the wrath of the law.

The State Controller of DPR, Engr Abdullahi Isah Jankara handed down the warning at the weekend after the team surveillance visit to some local governments of Bida, Agaie and Lapai respectively were he expressed dismay over lack of adherence to the new price policy of the Federal Government at N145 per litre.

Jankara reiterated the commitment of the department in ensuring absolute compliance with the regulations sequel to a memo received from the minister of petroleum to effect the new price of petroleum product at N145 in the country as stringent measure await defaulters.

Our correspondent revealed that most of the filling stations visited were selling at between N150 and N170 per litre which were forced to reverse their price but reports received was that they always either stop selling or still jack up immediately DPR leaves.

The state DPR Controller called for the support of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government and urged them to do everything possible to find a lasting solution and ensure availability of the commodity in the country, commending the recent partial deregulation that has started “yielding result”.

During the surveillance together with some journalists, DSS and NSCDC as part of the team, a station was sealed up at Agaie in Agaie Local Government of the state, just as they were found selling at N160 per litre at the same time selling for black marketers who were carrying over 60 jerry cans of 70 litres and over 10 jerry cans of 25 litres at the station with over 10 already served with PMS.

The Controller said that the next concentration of the department would be focused on unlicensed stations buying from third parties to sell above approved price, which he described as illegal, adding that the penalty for diversion of petroleum is N200 per litre of the quantity diverted while selling above the regulated price is N100,000 per pump of PMS in the station.

DPR Uncovers Diversion Of 50,000 Litres Petrol In Umuahia

DPRThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has uncovered the diversion of 50,000 litres of fuel to a Petrol station along Bende Road, Umuahia.

Although the dealer feigned ignorance, the thorough investigation carried out by officials of DPR and DSS revealed otherwise.

The Zonal Operation Controller, Maurice Nwokedi, made it clear that the penalty for such crime entails withdrawal of license and payment of 200 Naira per litre to the federal government amongst many other punitive measures.

He said that the DPR would not relent in their effort to ensure adequate surveillance and monitoring of PMS spreads round the country.

He further disclosed that the federal government is doing everything possible to ensure the availability of fuel at the government approved pump price.

Niger DPR Confirms Availability Of Fuel Across The State

DPRThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Niger State said that the issue of fuel scarcity is fast disappearing at the filling stations in the state, following a dramatic improvement in the supply of Premium Motor Spirit {PMS} in Minna the state capital and other major towns in parts of the state.

The DPR Operations Controller in the state, Engr Abdullahi Isah Jankara, confirmed this in an interview in Minna, adding that the department has started receiving over 15, 16 and 18 fuel laden trucks for delivery at various filling stations in the last couple of days.

He pointed out that as a result of the development, queues have started disappearing at filling stations in Minna and its environs unlike before when  motorists were choked at NNPC Mega stations within and outside the state capital.

“So far, we can testify to what is going on in the state with regards to the availability of fuel. Thereare some elements of improvements now across the state.

“Like I said before sometimes ago that we received nothing, sometimes we received three trucks, like some three days now we have been receiving over 15, 16, 18 trucks to Niger state.

“So, that is a dramatic improvement and it is because of that you are seeing a lot of queues disappearing”, said the DPR Boss.

He further noted that “we are urging the public to be patient because I think things are beginning to improve, while the only advice I will also give to the public is to beware of these illegal outlets”.

Jankara assured that once the problem of fuel scarcity subsides finally that the DPR operations office in Minna will really be out to checkmate illegal operators in the distribution chain, adding that these people were the ones that were selling all these adulterated products causing damages to vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles.

He also revealed that his office has been inundated with complaints by some customers in Minna that a filling station around Bosso community in Minna was allegedly mixing water with so many things and selling it as fuel to unsuspecting members of the public.

“We are going to report them to law enforcement agents and get some of them arrested. We have intensified our surveillance efforts in monitoring the surveillance and as we are doing this, you know a lot of marketers will not be happy with us. But we just have to allow our conscience to guide us and do what we think is right”, he maintained.


Petrol Sells At N400 Per Litre in Kaduna, As DPR Raises Monitoring Team

petrolThe long queues at petrol stations due to the scarcity of petrol is getting worse by the day in Kaduna State as a litre of the product now sells at N400 and above.

When Channels Television’s crew visited only few stations were selling the product to residents while many others were under lock and key.

The petrol scarcity has resulted to long queues and heavy traffic along major roads in the state capital and has paralyzed socio-economic activities as many private and public vehicle owners have parked their cars because of non-availability of petrol.

As part of efforts to cushion the effect of scarcity, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Kaduna Zone has deployed a special task force team to monitor the sale of petrol at filling stations across the state.

The aim is to ensure that petroleum marketers do not hoard the product and thereafter sell to motorists at exorbitant prices only at night.

DPR Kaduna Zonal Operations Controller, Sayyadi Sulaiman, who led some officials of the agency to monitor the situation within the state capital, told Channels Television that the monitoring team have been deployed across the state to ensure that the few products that arrive the state are not diverted by some unscrupulous marketers who in turn sell them to residents at exorbitant prices.

He said the team will monitor the sale of fuel in filling stations across the state adding that they have been mandated to take over any filling station selling above the official pump price.

While there was strict compliance to the N86.50k per litre of petrol by some of the filling stations selling the product within the metropolis, those outside the city were selling above the official pump price.

So far, five filling stations have been sealed up by DPR for selling above the official pump price of N86.50k per litre.

Some residents say the continuous presence of DPR officials at the petrol stations will go a long way in bringing about some sanity and will also force the station owners to sell at government approved pump price.

Residents, who spoke to Channels Television, said they want the agency to intensify its surveillance at petrol stations especially now that there seems to be no end in sight to the scarcity.

With the assurances that the long queues will soon disappear, DPR also warns filling stations who sell fuel at night to desist from such act or will be sanctioned.

DPR Deploys Task Force To Monitor 24-Hour Sale Of Petrol

DPRThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Kaduna Zone, has deployed a special task force team for 24 hours monitoring of sale of petrol at filling stations across the state.

The aim is to ensure that petroleum marketers do not hoard the product and thereafter sell to motorists at exorbitant prices only at night.

DPR Kaduna Zonal Operations Controller, Sayyadi Sulaiman, who led some officials of the agency to monitor the situation within the state capital on Tuesday, told Channels Television that the monitoring team have been deployed across the state to ensure that the few products that arrive the state are not diverted by some marketers, who in turn sell them to residents at exorbitant prices.

He says the task force team will monitor the sale of fuel in filling stations across the state, adding that they have been mandated to take over any filling station selling above the official pump price.

Some residents applauded the presence of DPR officials at the petrol stations, saying it brings about some kind of sanity and also forces the station owners to sell at government approved price.

They called on the agency to intensify its surveillance at petrol stations especially now that there seems to be no end in sight to the scarcity.

With the assurances that the long queues will soon disappear, DPR also warned filling stations, who sell fuel at night, to desist from the act or face the consequence of their action.

IPMAN Bars DPR From Sealing Petrol Stations In Kwara

DPRThe wrangling between the Independent Petroleum Marketers (IPMAN) and Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Ilorin appeared to be getting worse as efforts by DPR to seal two petroleum stations for hoarding fuel were scuttled by members of IPMAN.

During their monitoring exercise, the DPR officials directed the selling of fuel to motorists after uncovering at least 2,000 litres of fuel in the tank of Super Moon station at Offa garage.

The monitoring team also inspected the underground tank in another filling station in the same area where they discovered at least 10,000 litres of fuel.

While still pondering and discussing on the next line of action, some IPMAN members who had been trailing the convoy of the DPR team zoomed into the station and arguments ensued over the rights or otherwise of the DPR to seal the station.

The IPMAN members led by the State Chairman, Okanlawon Olarewaju, threatened to remove the seal on the stations immediately after the departure of the team, wondering why the DPR had made things difficult for them in the last seven months.

They questioned why they were being compelled to sell the products at the recommended prices after buying from private depots at higher rates.

The oil marketers also accused the DPR boss of being too rigid, claiming that he had refused to discuss the problems with them.

In his reaction, the Operations Controller of DPR in Kwara State, Phillips Salvation, vowed not to allow the marketers to cheat the public, stressing that the Federal Government is presently importing fuel and it cannot be sold at higher price.

He insisted that those who disturbed or prevented the body from performing its responsibility would answer to the security forces whom he said witnessed the incident.

DPR, NSCDC Seal 5 Petrol Stations In Ogun

petrolFive petrol stations have been sealed up by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Abeokuta, over allegation of hoarding and selling above the official pump price.

Officials of the DPR Inspection Department, Mosinmi Unit and officers of the Civil Defence Corps ‎discovered that some of the stations had fuel in their tanks and not dispensing while others were selling above the government approved price.

Speaking to journalists after the operation, Public Relations Officer of the Ogun State Command of the NSCDC, Mr Kareem Olanrewaju, said that the command since the beginning of the New Year had received calls that majority of the stations are selling between N110 and N120 per litre.

He expressed displeasure that most of the independent marketers have fuel in their tanks and refused to sell to customers.

The Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) in Nigeria had in December 2015 announced the implementation of the revised components of the Petroleum Pricing Template for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).

In a statement by the Executive Secretary of the PPPRA, Mr Farouk Ahmed, the pump price was put at 86.50 Naira per litre, a price the agency said was in line with the prevailing market trend.

“This new price regime is with effect from January 1, 2016,” the statement read.

DPR Seals Three Petrol Stations Hoarding Fuel In Akure

FuelThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has sealed three filling stations found to be hoarding fuel in Akure.

The officials of the DPR in Ondo State, led by the Deputy Operations Controller of the Akure office, Godwin Obasuyi, made the disclosure to Channels Television.

Channels TV’s investigation revealed that many independent petroleum marketers in Akure were yet to comply with the new official pump price of petrol as directed by the Federal Government and Mr Obasuyi insisted that no independent marketer was allowed to sell above the official pump price of 86.50 Naira.

While some major marketers said that they did not have the product, others were selling the product to the public at prices as high as 120 Naira per litre.

The Chairman of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Ore Depot, Bayode Olowookere, explained that they were lifting fuel from private depots at prices higher than the official price and hence could not sell at the official price ordered by the Federal Government.

DPR Begins Investigation Into Nnewi Gas Plant Explosion

gas plantA delegation of investigators from the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Abuja, on Sunday stormed the Christmas Eve Gas Plant explosion site at Nnewi, Anambra State, for the commencement of investigation to unravel the cause of the incident.

The Assistant Director in charge of Technical Safety Control, Engr. Ebiye Sofimieare, who led the team for the preliminary investigation and cross examination of the Company Management Officers to ascertain the cause of the explosion, said a detailed inquest into the cause of the incident would commence.

He added that there would be an effective institution of Safety Case Regime, strict enforcement of Down Stream Sector Asset Integrity Management and mandatory staff training standards.

Engr Sofimieari said that a Uniform Standard Operations Procedure for all plants across the country in the area of taking delivery and discharge of substance without incidence will be established.

The Managing Director of the company noted that his heart still bleeds over the lives lost but bleeds more over the over- blown proportion of the reported death figure.

The investigating team gave an assurance of speedy inquest, adding that since gas related businesses still go on, company owners must ensure that the syllabus of training given to workers is relevant to the operation they are running.

Eight people were killed and several others injured following a gas explosion at a plant belonging to the Intercorp Oil Limited, a subsidiary of Chicason Group located along Onitsha-Owerri expressway.

The bodies were burnt beyond recognition and according to eyewitnesses, the disaster occurred about midday when a consignment of gas was about being transferred to the company’s dump, due to leakage, there was a massive explosion which quickly spread to nearby houses wreaking havoc.

The Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano, alongside the traditional ruler of Ontisha, Igwe Alfred Achebe, have visited the area and expressed their condolences to the families of the victims.

The Governor expressed worry and wondered why such a tragic incident would happen in a season of celebration but remarked that God knows best.


DPR Says 294 Trucks Of PMS Supplied To Abuja

DPRThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on Tuesday said that a total of 149 trucks of petrol was supplied to Abuja and its environs on Tuesday November 17.

The Head Public Relations, DPR Abuja, Mr Mohammed Saidu, said that this supply has brought the total number of PMS supplied to Abuja between Monday, November 16 and Tuesday, 17 to 294 trucks.

Saidu, who said that the measure was to ease off fuel queues at filling stations in the city, said that 145 trucks was supplied to Abuja and its environs on Monday.

While giving the breakdown of the PMS supplied on Tuesday, he explained that 99 trucks were supplied inside Abuja city with Forte Oil receiving four trucks, while Conoil received 10 trucks.

According to him, Mobil had eight trucks, as MRS was supplied with seven trucks, while NIPCO and Oando got six and 11 trucks respectively.

He stated that Total received 14 trucks, while NNPC retail was allocated 34 trucks as IPMAN had five trucks.

He said that 50 trucks were dispersed to immediate and extended environment of the capital city. The immediate environment had 32 trucks, while extended environment received 18 trucks.

The DPR Director, Mordecai Ladan, had earlier warned petroleum products marketers against engaging in sharp practices or face sanctions like licence revocation or N2 million fine.

Ladan gave the warning while speaking against the backdrop of the purported resurgence of fuel scarcity in some parts of the country.

He warned petroleum products depots and filling station owners to desist from products diversion, hoarding, pump manipulation as well as selling products above government approved prices.

He said that any petroleum products marketer who engages in the act of diversion, hoarding or under-dispensing would be prosecuted and treated like an economic saboteur.

“Marketers caught diverting or hoarding products for profiteering shall be sanctioned with a fine of N2 million in addition to having their operating license revoked and prosecuted for national economic sabotage,” he warned.

The DPR boss linked the resurgence of fuel queues in some states of the country to the nefarious activities of unscrupulous marketers who are in the habit of diversion of petroleum products to other sources apart from dispensing pumps at filling station at the appropriate price of N87 per litre.